How to Build the big 20M Geodesic Glass Dome Tent?
By RAX TENT | 09 November 2021 | 1 Comments

How to Build the big 20M Geodesic Glass Dome Tent?

How to Build the big 20M Geodesic Glass Dome Tent?
In fact, none of the tent manfuctures in China has built up the big geodesic glass dome tent successfully. Because it's a big project and very hard to set up the 20M glass dome tent. Although we have built many small size of glass dome tent, such as 3m/4m/5m/6m/7m/10m/12m geodesic glass domes, but it's the first time we build the big dome tent. It's rather different from the 20M with the smaller size. It cost us several engineers and 4 days to finish the frame of the glass dome tent.

First, we jointed the aluminum frames from triangle to the pentagon and hexagon shape, fixed the frames with stainless steel screws, that help us to pick up speed when installing.
Then, we started building the whole dome. Place the door frame and position the dome, combine the aluminum frame to the door frame, and set up the glass dome tent from the bottm layer to the top layer, step by step, carefully and seriously to make sure that the screw is tightened. Attention that combine the right code according to the guide installation book. By the way, it's harder to assemble the top frame than the bottom, so that must cost much more time, and take it easy.
Last, when finished the aluminum frame of the geodesic glass dome tent, we should install the tempered glass. It's vey important for glass installation, need to be more carefull, because glass is fragile and relatively heavy, must be installed slowly.
What will the 20M geodesic glass dome tent used for?
The geodesic glass dome tent can be widely used for restaurant and resort, inside can be decorated to double layer, to make much more space for people. The geodesic glass dome tent will be covered with double layer hollow tempered glass, it performanced well in waterproof, soundproof, energy saving and longer lifespan. For the extremely cold weather area, we suggested clients use double layer tempered glass instead of single layer for better exprience.
How about your real cases of geodesic glass dome tent works in the world?
We have made and exported many glass dome tent all over the world, has beed in Russia, USA, CA, Middle East countries etc... The domes work well on its feature.
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