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Discount Outdoor Large Dome Concert Tent

Outdoor concerts bring a vibrant energy and raw spontaneity to the entertainment experience.

The area can from 9sqm to 50000sqm, more also can, it is unlimited, it is more Flexible and convenient.

RAXTENT has created remarkable venues for memorable musical events, from intimate acoustic performances to temporary support infrastructures for major stadium tours. Our tents can accommodate shows of any size, and you can choose the best shape you like.  

RAXTENT is the only one who design and made and build 50m in diameter dome tent for Corona Music Festival in Beijing, China, 2016. Which is the biggest in the world now. RAXTENT IS THE ONLY MANUFACTURER.

Our concert tents can be used for staging areas, seating areas, catering spaces, VIP lounges, green rooms, changing rooms and vendor spaces, etc.


Tent kind choose:

1. Pagoda tent: 3x3m, 4x4m, 5x5m, 6x6m, 8x8m, 10x10m

2. Dome tent: size from 3m in diameter to 80m in diameter.

3. Marquee aluminum Tent: size from 3m to 60m in width, length is unlimited.


More detail pls contact us then will get more.


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