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Dome House: An outdoor five-star tent hotel

The dome house as outdoor tent house is widely used in both domestic and foreign markets, and is often used in scenic spots, golf courses, sports events, etc. Therefore, considering the regional characteristics, there is no completely unified standard for the design of the dome house.

In the development of new products and exploring new ideas of the tent industry, Raxtent has been at the forefront of the industry. In the process of designing, accord to the usage of domes, if for outdoor tent house, Raxtent will draw the layout for customers, such as wiring diagram ,beds, sofa, washing room, lights, air conditioning, heater, curtain, insulation layer, etc., in addition, pay attention to customer’s living experience and lifestyle, the dome house will display the living way for glamping.

In the space use and layout of the dome house, it’s necessary to make full use of the internal geodesic domes, 100% space utilization, then you can separate the dome into active area and rest area, dry and wet area, to guarantee the residents to be comfortable living in the dome tent. If you have friends to come, you will have an independent space for negotiation, to keep it private.

In decoration, Raxtent has implemented Japanese style, American pastoral style, resort series and other tent house, which has been widely praised by customers. The design of the hotel tent is similar to the decoration style of the five-star hotel. Most importantly, living in the dome house is more romantic than the traditional hotel.

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