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Event tent:the conference for BMW 7 series in Lhasa

The BMW company has a whimsy to hold a conference of the new generation of 7-series besides the Lhasa River in Tibet. Raxtent provided a double-deck glass event tent with length of 30*40 meters and   height of 8 meters  for the conference.

In the process of this project, first,the nearby pebbles were transported to the specified river beach, and the wooden frame and boards were used to assemble the large platform. The interior of double-deck glass event tent was arranged with decoration, lights and sound properly, and then the large shelves were used to completely obscure the two sides of the 15-meter canopy. The dam-boards are white, and decorated with the Tibetan-style graphics, make it looks  holy ,beautiful and solemn.
The dinner was enjoyed in the lively and solemn place,and opposite side is the Potala Palace ,with brightly lights. The BMW 7 series event tent  was more beautiful in the moonlight


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