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Exhibition A-Shape Tent in Outdoor

Exhibition Tent can included dome tent, marquee tent, A-shape tent which all shape can for it. So it can from 3sqm to 10000sqm or more square meter all be fine. Area depend on you. Tent shape depend on you.


Tent kind choose:

1. Pagoda tent: 3x3m, 4x4m, 5x5m, 6x6m, 8x8m, 10x10m

2. Dome tent: size from 3m in diameter to 80m in diameter.

3. Marquee aluminum Tent: size from 3m to 60m in width, length is unlimited.


Advantages for Exhibition Tents:

1. 100% room useful.

2. High quality material and accurate design makes tents durable, safe, and makes erection and disassembly easy and fast.

3. All Tents are engineered to reduce operation and managing expenses, with superior energy efficiency, let you spend every penny worth.



Widely used for private & corporate party, celebration, outdoor exhibition & Expo , trade show, commercial activity, sports events, temporary warehouse & workshop, military, relief & emergency solution, semi-permanent or permanent industry facility, entertainment space, etc.



All the little hardware parts packed in solid carton boxes.

All the aluminum frame packed in pearl film or clear film.

Tops and side walls packed in PVC carry bags.

Glass walls, glass doors, ABS walls packed in transportation racks.

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