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Large Indoor Restaurant & Hotel Tent

Restaurant Tent is different from indoor restaurant, it is becoming more popular now.

We moved out of the restaurant, go to the lawn, the beach, the lakeshore, the villa gardens, the golf course, our garden,  beautiful park, the jungle or the desert , The most wild tent of the hotel, you will find that there is neither traditional luxury suites surrounded by walls, but you will also enjoy the equivalent of five-star restaurant treatment. That feeling is really wonderful !

Let us enjoy the embrace of the nature in the enjoyment of delicious food.

The area can from 9sqm to 50000sqm, more also can, it is unlimited, it is more Flexible and convenient.

RAXTENT structure is an ideal solution for the hospitality industry seeking a reliable, climate-controlled building alternative that can provide additional space and improved aesthetics for permanent use over conventional buildings.

Raxtent  structures provide your hotel property with an immediate, cost-effective and energy-efficient application that maximizes your hotel’s budget while increasing revenue from venue rentals.



•Wedding Space

•Entertainment Facilities

•Food and Beverage Expansion


•Banquet Facilities

•Meeting/Conference Space

•Pool Enclosures

•Convention Space

•Hospitality Centers


Tent kind choose:

1. Pagoda tent: 3x3m, 4x4m, 5x5m, 6x6m, 8x8m, 10x10m

2. Dome tent: size from 3m in diameter to 80m in diameter.

3. Marquee aluminum Tent: size from 3m to 60m in width, length is unlimited.


More detail pls contact us then will get more.

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