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6M Octagon 35 Sqm Luxury Hotel Tent House with Glass Wall for Glamping

6M Octagon 35 Sqm Luxury Hotel Tent House with Glass Wall for Glamping

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We focus on the hotel tent field since 2016 when the travel and cultrual industry is booming both in China and around the world, while at the first, the main products are including the dome shape tents, the sphere tents and glass dome tents, but now, our product series are becoming more and more diverse.
The octagon 6M hotel tent with PVDF tensile membrane structure and solid wall and double layer hollow glass wall is best for glamping and resort in the outdoor which can be built up in a short time and can be permanent living as a tent house.

1, Specification: Advantages of the luxury tent hotel

glamping tent house

*Size: 6M diameter for inside room, octagon, 2.5M for each side, 35 Sqm, also can be customized other size.

*Material: The main material of frame is hot-dip galvanized steel tube or aluminum alloy, covered with PVDF membrane.

*Feature:High tensile strength and tear strength,100% waterproof, self-cleaned, cost-effective solutions for luxury hotel tent.

*Practicality: Lightweight membrane is a cost-effective solution that requires less structural steel to support the roof, enabling long spans of column-free space.

*Wind and Snow load: Windload 100KM/H and snowload is 75KG/SQM,and earthquake resistant.

*Accessory: Roof lining, floor system, furniture etc..

The inside of the hotel tent can be divided into two parts with a wooden wall, in front of the wall which is bedroom and viewing area, behind of the wooden wall it's bathroom area, the design of this luxury hotel tent is specious, comfortable and best for family resort.

glamping tent house

2, Material of the glamping tent house.

We have different designs of the luxury hotel tent, the one peak top, twin peak tops and three peak top tent house, the most popular and cost-effective is this one. It's just like a house for permanent living, you will feel more safety, comfortable and warm while you are glamping and resort with family in outdoor.

Structure: The main structure material of the hotel tent is hot-dip galvanized steel painted white, there have 8 pcs main support profile of this structure which is the bearing column to keep the hotel tent to against the heavy rain and wind for nery long time.

Cover: There have two layers of the hotel tent cover, one is the PVDF fabric cover in the outside and another is inside of the tent, the pagoda shape and the cover both can make the hotel tent to keep warmer in the cold weather and cooler in the summer days.

3,People Also Asking About the Luxury Glamping Tent House

1)What are the key features of the luxury glamping tent house?

The luxury glamping tent house with a glass wall and PVC cover offers a range of features designed for comfort, elegance, and durability. These may include:

*Spacious interior layout with high ceilings and ample living space

*Floor-to-ceiling glass walls for panoramic views of the surrounding scenery

*Sturdy PVC cover for weather resistance and protection from the elements

*Optional amenities such as premium furnishings, heating/cooling systems, and private bathrooms for a luxurious experience

2)What are the advantages of the glass wall in the luxury glamping tent house?

The glass wall in the luxury glamping tent house provides several benefits, including:

*Abundant natural light and breathtaking views of the outdoor surroundings

*Enhanced aesthetic appeal, creating a sense of openness and connection with nature

*Thermal insulation properties, helping to regulate indoor temperatures and reduce energy consumption

*UV protection and soundproofing capabilities for added comfort and privacy

3) What thermal insulation features does the luxury glamping tent house?

The luxury glamping tent house is designed to provide superior thermal insulation, ensuring comfort and coziness in all seasons. Features may include:

*Insulated glass panels and PVC coverings to minimize heat loss/gain

*Optional heating and cooling systems for climate control in extreme temperatures

*Weatherproof seals and closures to prevent drafts and moisture ingress

5)How is shipping managed for the luxury glamping tent house?

Shipping arrangements for the luxury glamping tent house are coordinated based on location, transportation method, and logistical requirements. Components are carefully packaged and transported to the installation site, with specialized handling to ensure safe and timely delivery.

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