RAXTENT 5M Geodesic Igloo Dome House for Internet Celebrity Restaurant

RAXTENT 5M Transparent Glass Igloo Dome for Restaurant Favored by Influencers

Item No.: RD 5
Brand Name: RAXTENT
Size: 5M
Color: transparent
Accessory: Glass door, glass window
Price Term: FOB, CIF, EXW
Payment: T/T, L/C, Cash
Delivery Time: 15-25 days
Package: Customized way
RAXTENT glass igloo domes are particularly favored by Catering Industry for their unique design and transparent appearance. The glass igloo dome for restaurants brings customers a different dining experience and improves customer traffic for its gorgeous appearance and broad perspective. The structure of the glass igloo dome is simple, easy to install, and can be installed in any outdoor place that solves clients’ questions of high rent, expensive renovation, and serious homogenization of restaurants. The glass igloo dome for the restaurant makes dinner no longer limited to the interior.
Size: 5m diameter, 3.2M height, about 20 sqm.
Frame Material: The frame of the igloo dome house is aluminum alloy material, can be coated and painted into white, black. grey, gold etc...
Cover Material: The surface of the igloo dome house is covered with tempered glass, can be singler layer, double layer, hollow glass, three layers, Glass color can 
be transparent, blue, green, frost glass, glazed glass etc... for different area and weather condition.
Accessory: The igloo dome house accessory including glass door, glass windows, floor system, platform, etc..
Wind and Snow load: Heavy duty and strong structure which windload 100KM/H and snowload is 75KG/SQM.

  transparent igloo

With the development of the physical conditions, more and more consumers tend to choose a restaurant with a beautiful environment for dinner which can bring consumers a better dining experience. So the glass igloo dome for restaurants is favored by consumers.
igloo restaurant
Transparent appearance
The glass igloo dome is covered with transparent tempered glass that allows consumers to have 360-degree accessible views. The tempered glass has good soundproofing effectiveness, when customers eat in the igloo dome restaurant, they are free from outside interference, and they can enjoy the food and chat with friends while enjoying the surrounding scenery in all directions
igloo dome home
The 5M igloo dome for the restaurant is an independent space, that can hold a big round table and 10-15 people for dinner. It’s convenient for friends and family to get together and party. The transparent appearance of the glass igloo dome contributes to the feeling of spaciousness and not being over-crowded.
igloo dome house
The glass igloo dome for the restaurant is not only used to get together but also used to celebrate and propose. The transparent and simple dome restaurant would become romantic and beautiful with a little decoration, and become a perfect place for the proposal. The glass dome restaurants have witnessed the love of numerous couples.
The glass igloo dome is a transparent reticulated hemispherical structure with an aluminum alloy frame and tempered glass cover. The igloo dome house is very sturdy and durable. The igloo dome house is 100% waterproof, fireproof, UV-resistant The service life of the igloo dome house is at least 15-20 years. One-time expense, 15-20 years of sustained returns.

glass dome house
geodesic glass dome dome
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igloo dome
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04 CERTIFICATESWe have patents certificates on the igloo dome house to protect our powerful products and technology from being imitated. The pyramid glass house has been already passed through the appearance and practical and new type patent. Patented product counterfeiting are not allowed.
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RAX TENT has made and exported the igloo dome house to many countries and widely acclaimed, such as China, USA, Canada, Jordan, Japan, etc....
In this case, the unique appearance of the igloo dome restaurant attracted many curious customers in Hangzhou, where the delicious food is concentrated.
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Customer Recommend
I didn't expect that the igloo dome restaurant to be so popular and always booked in advance by customers. I will continue to order from RAXTENT when I consider expanding.
I recommmend RAX TENT!