RAXTENT Feature Camping Dome Glamping Dome for Family Resort and Luxury Hotel in Desert
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RAXTENT Camping Dome Glamping Geodesic Dome Tent for Family Resort and Theme Hotel in Desert

Item No.: RT7
Brand Name: RAXTENT
Size: 7M, can be customized from 3M to 80M
Color: Desert Yellow
Accessory: Glass door, windows, bathroom, etc...
Min Order Quantity: 1 Set
Price Term: FOB, CIF, EXW
Payment: T/T, L/C, Cash
Delivery Time: 15-25 days
RAXTENT has been established for 10 years and has been producing dome tents since 2015. At present, RAXTENT geodesic dome tents have been exported to more than 100 countries, such as the United States, Jordan, Spain, etc. which have been exported to many states in the United States, such as Arizona, California, Florida, New York, etc. Mentioned here, RAXTENT had to introduce one of the classical cases of RAXTENT geodesic dome tents, the first fully equipped theme dome tent camp hotel whole of the United States in Arizona, which is popular as soon as it opens. The dome tent camp has ordered 35 set desert yellow geodesic dome tents from RAXTENT and will continue to expand the order.
Size: The theme dome hotel is 7M in diameter, 4.2M in height
Color: The color of the dome tent is desert yellow, and can be customized with other color.
Material: The main material of the 7M dome tent is galvanized steel frame and covered with tranparent PVC and 850g/sqm block-out double desert 
yellow PVC coated polyester.
Capacity: The 7M dome tent can hold 4-7 people, 1-3 beds, and a separate bathroom.
Accessory: The 7M dome tent accessory includes a glass door, windows, curtain, platform wood floor, electric blind,exclusive insulation, etc...
Wind and Snow load: The dome tent with a sturdy structure has a wind load of 100 KM/H and a snow load of 75 KG/SQM.

7M geodesic dome tent


As the first fully equipped theme dome tent hotel camp in the United States, there are various themed dome hotels, such as Hello Kitty dome tent, James Bond dome tent, space galaxy dome tent, eighties game dome tent, etc., and dome tent restaurant, dome tent reception room, entertainment facilities, etc. Tourists can comfortable enjoy their vacation time in here.
7m geodesic dome tent
The dome tent is a hemispherical network structure composed of galvanized steel coated white frame, hop-galvanized pipe, or stainless steel, and the surface is covered with 850g/sqm block-out double PVC polyester that can effectively be UV-resistant, scratch-resistant, tear-resistant, fire-retardant, and 100% waterproof. 
7M Hello Kitty dome tent
The geodesic dome tent can be designed in different styles. One of the geodesic dome tents is pink Hello Kitty style, there is nothing like pink for girls. Girls can sit on a hanging chair and chat at night in the dome tent. The dome tent has a separate bathroom where people can take a leisurely bath and clean themselves after having fun.
7M galaxy dome tent
Tourists can explore the galaxy in the dome tent which has a transparent viewing area and skylight to stargaze at the night. If you have a big family, the dome tent can place double-layer children's beds and add second bed on the second layer that is enough for you. RAXTENT dome tent has enough space for you to live comfortably and have fun.
RAXTENT has helped clients to realize many projects and accumulated classic cases one after another. RAXTENT products are popular in domestic and overseas markets. 
7M geodesic dome tent camp
camp dome tent
15M dome tent
family resort dome tent
done tent restaurant
04 INSTALLATION TESTRAXTENT dome tents are strictly tested by the QC department before delivery, which eliminates problems to a large extent, guarantees quality and quantity, and provides clients with better products and services.
RAXTENT 7M dome home
RAXTENT is the source manufacturer of dome tents in China, has a professional team of engineers and designers, and our staffs have an average of more than 6 years of experience in dome tents. The quality of the RAXTEXT dome tent is stable, and RAXTENT is constantly developing and innovating the product.
glamping dome tent
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Great dome tent!  The geodesic dome tent fulfilled all my ideas and my campsite was loved by the visitors. I will continue to order dome tent from RAXTENT.
I recommend RAXTENT!