RAXTENT Membrane Structure Tent House for Glamping Hotel and Resort Hot Sale
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RAXTENT Membrane Structure Tent House for Glamping Hotel and Resort Hot Sale

Item No.: RP60
Brand Name: RAXTENT
SQM: 60
Material: Galvanized steel coated white
Cover: 850g/sqm PVC
Wall: Glass wall, solid wall
Price Term: FOB. CIF. EXW
Payment Term: T/T, L/C,cash
Application: Glamping hotel and resort
Delivery time: 15-20 days
RAXTENT has many shape tents for glamping and resort, there is a membrane structure tent, glass dome tent, PVC dome tent, pyramid glass tent, pumpkin tent, and zome tent. The membrane structure tent house is a tent that resembles a traditional building and the surface is covered with PVC fabric. The construction time and construction cost of the membrane structure tent house are only a small part of traditional building, the membrane structure tent house is highly cost-effective. At present, the membrane structure tent house is one of the most popular for glamping hotels and resorts.
Size: 6M*10M, 60sqm.
Material: The main material of membrane structure tent house is galvanized steel and covered with 850g/sqm PVC.
Capacity: The membrane structure tent house has two peak top, and the tent can be divided into two functional areas of bedroom and living room or other functions
 you want.
Accessory: The membrane structure tent for glamping and resort accessory including glass door, bathroom, wood floor, platform etc..
Wind and Snow load: The membrane structure tent house windload is 100KM/H and snowload is 75KG/SQM.

membrane structure tent house

The raw materials of the membrane structure tent house all have quality certifications, and RAXTENT has cooperated with the raw material manufacturers for many years, the quality and delivery of materials are guaranteed.
membrane structure house
Membrane Structure Frame
The frame of the membrane structure tent house is made of high-strength galvanized steel. The structure is sturdy and durable, not easy to rust and corrosion, and not easy to deform. The membrane structure can be used for at least 15-20 years. The frame can be coated with different colors, usually black, white, or grey, other color is Ok.
resort membrane structure
Membrane Structure Cover
The surface of the membrane structure is covered with double layers of 850g/sqm PVC fabric, the PVC fabric has a black sandwich layer that can effectively be UV-resistant, waterproof, fireproof, and tear-resistant. The double layers covers have a better effect on thermal and UV insulation, at the same time, make the membrane structure look more beautiful and elegant.
glamping membrane structure house
Membrane Structure Wall
The wall of the membrane tent house has glass wall, solid wall, and PVC wall for options. The glass wall is hollow tempered glass, which has the advantage of 100% waterproof, soundproof and thermal insulation. The solid wall is made of insulated layer and cladding wall, which can effectively isolate heat and makes the interior cooler.
RAXTENT has high and strict requirements for the quality of every product. we would produce samples before the mass production of the tent product, test installation to ensure the product quality, and then mass production delivery to clients. Our factory has various samples for clients visit, welcome to our factory.
two peak top tent house
RAXTENT has been operating in the tent industry for more than 10 years, we have a professional team, providing professional product design, manufacturing production, sales, installation and other one-stop services. We produce high-quality tent products and serve every client with heart. Welcome to sending inquiries to us.
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I am satisfied with this shopping, the quality of the membrane structure tent is very well and the after-sales are very observant and help solve the problems quickly when problems. Nice manufacturer.
I recommmend RAX TENT!