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The most popular dome tent hotel – Pastoral style

Dome tent Hotel is also regarded as outdoor dome house or dome home, is designed in a variety of styles, with different tourist attractions and different styles. Among the dome tent hotels, the pastoral is the most popular style which is close to the nature. It advocates “returning to nature” and “natural landscape”, allowing people to appreciate the relaxation of the life in a high-tech and fast-paced social life, quiet and simple. Dome hotel is made mainly through the rustic texture of wood, stone, rattan, bamboo and other materials, and ingeniously set green in the interior, creating a natural, simple and elegant atmosphere, showing the taste, hobbies and life values of the occupants.

Dome hotel rest area: As the user's private space, the decoration is mainly warm, be focus on functional and practical comfort. In soft decoration and color style, more warm and soft fabrics are used, with no ceiling light.

Dome house activity area: As an activity area, the dome house can be used a large number of wood veneer decoration, while adding antique art settings on the soft decoration will be better.

Dome house decorations: decorations are necessary, such as furnishings that symbolize the living experience of the occupants, landscape paintings, etc. that’s enough to add extra points to the dome house.

The tables, chairs in the dome house will be white, mainly wooden, cushioned chair, wooden surface paint reflects wood grain texture, but no complicated patterns, cushion fabric pattern is also based on the overall style reflecting the natural feeling of the countryside.

Dome house for hotel, the sofa will be covered with fabric, with no corners, mainly two people and three people, the pattern is mostly based on flowers and plants, the color is more elegant, with wooden light grain table, reflecting the pastoral Natural and harmonious.

It is precisely because the pastoral style dome hotel can be integrated with the surrounding environment, and the exterior construction and interior decoration meet the psychological pursuit , thus becoming the most popular hotel tent in the world.

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