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NO.13 CASE—15M Glass Dome for Greenhouse in Saudi Arabia

When it comes to creating ideal environments for plant cultivation, the 15m geodesic glass dome tent stands out as a conventional yet highly effective solution. With a towering height of 7.5m and an expansive interior area of 177 square meters, this glass dome tent offers ample space for nurturing a wide variety of botanical species.

Across the globe, glass dome structures have become synonymous with greenhouse cultivation, and our geodesic glass domes are no exception. Constructed from tempered glass with various options for color, thermal reflection coefficients, and light transmission rates, these big glass domes allow for precise control over temperature and light exposure – two crucial factors in successful plant growth.

Moreover, the versatility of the 15m glass dome extends beyond its basic design. With options for adding ventilation glass doors and windows, electrically operated windows, and integrated irrigation systems, maintaining stable humidity levels and ensuring proper air circulation becomes effortlessly manageable.

Crafted with a robust aluminum alloy frame, our geodesic glass domes boast exceptional durability, corrosion resistance, and structural integrity. The tempered glass board not only provides 100% safety and security but also facilitates easy cleaning and maintenance, making them an ideal choice for long-term greenhouse outdoors.

At RAX Tent, we take pride in our exclusive patent for large-scale glass dome tents, ensuring that our customers' rights and interests are fully protected. With our commitment to innovation and quality, our glass dome tents continue to find widespread applications in diverse fields, including botanical cultivation, event hosting, and recreational facilities.

For businesses and enthusiasts seeking reliable and versatile solutions for botanical cultivation, the 15m glass dome tent represents a cutting-edge choice that combines functionality, durability, and aesthetic appeal – all under one transparent roof.

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