12m glass dome for luxury campsite

NO.14 CASE—12M Glass Dome for Luxury Campsite in Saudi Arabia

RAXTENT 12M glass dome tents have been integral to the development of a remarkable desert luxury campsite in the heart of the Middle Eastern sands. This sprawling oasis, comprising accommodations, recreational facilities, dining areas, conference spaces, and more, is a testament to the versatility and ingenuity of our glass dome tents. With a total of 35 geodesic glass domes, the campsite can comfortably accommodate the needs of 300-500 guests seeking an unforgettable desert getaway.

Measuring 12m in diameter and reaching a height of 6m, our glass domes offer a spacious interior area of 113 square meters – a standard size among our diverse range of dome tents. These geodesic domes serve various purposes within the luxury campsite, each tailored to enhance the guest experience.

As starry-eyed accommodations, our 12m glass dome tents will be used for luxury glamping hotel rooms, redefine luxury with their thoughtful layout, featuring bedrooms, living areas, private pools, and kitchens. Their expansive interiors provide unparalleled comfort amidst the desert landscape, making them ideal for guests seeking a unique and indulgent retreat.

In addition to serving as luxurious accommodations, our 12m glass domes are also utilized as conference rooms, providing a serene and insulated environment for productive meetings amid the desert winds. Their sturdy construction ensures durability and easy maintenance, essential qualities for any desert-based facility.

Furthermore, our glass dome tents are ingeniously repurposed as private restaurants, featuring added insulation and blackout capabilities for a comfortable dining experience even in the harsh desert sun. Additionally, they serve as reception halls, serving as eye-catching focal points within the campsite's communal areas.

At RAX Tent, we take pride in our exclusive patent for large-scale glass dome tents, which guarantees our clients' rights and ensures unparalleled quality and innovation in every project. 

Besides the 12M glass dome used for luxury glamping site, we also made many small domes such as 6m, 7m, 8m used for luxury glamping hotel rooms and for Airbnb hotel.

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