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NO.20 CASE—10M Glass Dome for Resort Hotel in Canada

Located amidst the serene landscapes of Canada, our client envisioned a unique glamping resort hotel experience that seamlessly blends luxury accommodation with the beauty of nature. They opted for our 10-meter diameter glass dome tent, standing tall at 5.5 meters and offering a sprawling area of 78.5 square meters.

glass dome tent in winter

Interior Design and Layout:

Designed to serve as a luxurious hotel, the glass dome tent features a carefully planned two-level layout. The first level encompasses a spacious living room, a fully equipped kitchen, and a comfortable bedroom, while the loft space on the second level offers an additional bedroom, akin to a spacious two-bedroom loft apartment. Each area is thoughtfully designed for functionality and privacy, with two well-appointed bathrooms ensuring convenience for guests. Despite its spherical structure, the first-floor living area seamlessly connects to the kitchen and features glass doors for entry and exit. The bedroom areas boast ample windows, offering breathtaking views of the starry sky while ensuring adequate ventilation and natural light. The design surpasses the comfort and convenience of traditional cement structures, offering guests an unparalleled glamping experience.

glass dome tent for glamping hotel

Interior Configuration:

The interior of the geodesic glass dome tent is enhanced with the addition of white solid panels, creating a minimalist yet sophisticated ambiance. The transparency of the glass combined with the sleekness of the panels exudes an aura of luxury and elegance. Functionality meets aesthetics, as the panels effectively block 100% of harmful UV rays while preserving the privacy of guests, earning accolades for their user-centric design.

Construction and Safety:

Constructed with a robust aluminum alloy framework and clad in tempered glass and rigid panels, the 10m glass dome tent boasts exceptional structural integrity. With a weight of 8-9 tons, it offers outstanding resistance to wind, snow, and other environmental elements, ensuring the safety and security of guests in any weather condition. Our exclusive patents covering large-scale glass dome tents provide clients with peace of mind, guaranteeing their usage rights without any concerns.

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