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NO.23 CASE—7M 8M Glass Dome Tent Resell Sample Display in Bulgaria

At Rax Tent, our glass domes have gained immense popularity both domestically and internationally. Our Bulgarian reseller has selected our 7m and 8m diameter glass domes as sample displays for their business. These domes feature full blue-coated glass and a sleek black aluminum alloy frame with a baked enamel finish. The interior is designed to serve as a glamping hotel, providing a luxurious camping experience. These sample domes are used to exhibit and sell our products locally in Bulgaria.

7m glass dome tent

Our glass dome tents are not only popular in Bulgaria but also across the globe. In countries such as the USA, Canada, various European nations, and the Middle East, our customers have been reselling our glass domes. They also provide top-notch after-sales support and setup guidance to their end customers, ensuring a seamless and satisfying experience.

dome tent with mirror glass

The size, style, and color of our glass domes can be tailored to suit the specific needs of any campsite. Our wood-colored glass domes, in particular, have become a unique and innovative choice in the market, making them the top recommendation for boutique hotels and lodges.

glass dome tent for hotel

Rax Tent holds exclusive patents for our glass domes, guaranteeing 100% protection of our customers' rights and ensuring peace of mind. Our commitment to quality and innovation ensures that our customers can confidently invest in our products.

Whether used for glamping hotels or other unique applications, our domes provide an unmatched combination of luxury, durability, and aesthetic appeal. We invite you to explore the possibilities with Rax Tent and experience the difference our products can make.

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