Pyramid Glass House by RAXTENT

Discover the Mystique of Pyramid Glass House for Glamping by RAXTENT

The Egyptian Pyramid, along with the rich history and stories within their walls, have always drawn countless visitors, sparking a sense of mystery and wonder. These ancient marvels not only captivate the imagination but also inspire modern innovations in various fields, including outdoor glamping field.

egyptian pyramids

When it comes to glamping, you've probably experienced a plethora of unique accommodations such as common camping tents, mongolian yurt, geodesic domes for glamping, glass dome houses, luxury tent houses and wooden cabins. But have you ever considered camping in a pyramid glass house?

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Why did RAXTENT choose to design and utilize pyramid-shaped glass houses for their glamping hotels?

The pyramid glass house was invented by RAXTENT manufacturer, and the concept of Pyramid Glass Houses design also have stories.

pyramid glass house for glamping

The inspiration stems from the timeless allure and structural brilliance of the Egyptian pyramids. The pyramid glass house is not just a shelter room, it is a blend of history, modern design, and luxury. The structure aims to provide an immersive experience that connects campers with ancient mystique while offering contemporary comfort and style.

Behind Pyramid Glass Houses, RAXTENT has the unique design philosophy, the pyramid-shaped house gives a sense of mystery and an aura of supreme power and honor. When you first see the pyramid glass house, you will undoubtedly be captivated by it. It will immediately remind you of the stories of ancient Egyptian pyramids, compelling you to step inside and explore.

pyramid glass house design

On one hand, we did not choose a rectangular or square glass house for our glamping accommodations because they are too ordinary. Instead, we opted for a pyramid-shaped glass house with triangular faces. On the other hand, the pyramid is covered with tempered glass and has a high peak, ensuring that guests have a large viewing area to enjoy more natural scenery. The pointed top allows for a higher interior space, which improves air circulation and enhances living comfort, better sense with pyramid glass house rather than other glamping tents.

glass house pyramid shape

What’s The Making Process of RAXTENT Pyramid Glass Houses?

Creating a pyramid glass house involves a meticulous process:

Because the pyramid glass house needs higher than other shape glamping tents such as domes or glass domes, so RAXTENT choose bigger and stronger aluminum frame as the main structure to keep it completely safe. Why RAXTENT decided use aluminum frame instead of the steel frame for different shapes of glass houses?

aluminum profile for pyramid glass house

The aluminum profile is significantly lighter than steel, making the structures easier to transport and assemble, and aluminum is highly resistant to corrosion, even in harsh weather conditions, the extremely cold area or hot area, that’s better use aluminum than steel. This is particularly important for the longevity and durability of the glass dome houses structures used for glamping accommodations.

structure of pyramid glass house

For the cover material, RAXTENT usually choose tempered glass, single layer or double layers glass for the cover, double layer tempered glass has better thermal insulation performance than single layer.

Where to Experience Pyramid Glass House Camping?

Currently, RAXTENT's pyramid glass houses can be found in select campsites around the world.

pyramid glass house for glamping hotel

Such as in Nomads Pad in Arizona in the USA, in Soul Banya in California in the USA, and in Karuna El Nido Glamping in Philippines etc…Some pyramid glass house used for glamping and accommodations while others used for office or meditation room, allowing tourists to enjoy the beauty of nature while experiencing the enigmatic allure of the pyramid.

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If the pyramid glass house used for glamping, there usually needs a separate bathroom inside the house, curtain to prevent sun light come into the house when day time and you will enjoy the whole sky star when night falls. I believe you will love living inside the pyramid glass house.

pyramid glass

So, next time you're planning a glamping trip, why not consider a stay in a pyramid glass house? Let RAXTENT transport you to a world of mystery, luxury, and unparalleled beauty.

pyramid house

The fusion of ancient pyramid design with modern glamping amenities creates an extraordinary camping experience. With RAXTENT's pyramid glass houses, you can enjoy the best of both worlds and embark on a journey that connects you with history while enjoying contemporary luxury. Explore the mystique of pyramid camping and make your next glamping adventure truly unforgettable.

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