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Top 10 Geodesic Dome Tent Manufacturers and Suppliers Around the World

Geodesic dome tents are renowned for their structural strength and versatile applications across various industries. Let's delve into the distinctive features and offerings of each leading manufacturer:

  1. Pacific Dome

Pacific Dome stands out for its expertise in crafting soft PVC geodesic dome tents, primarily used in glamping hotel and events. These domes are made with hot-dip galvanized steel tube, ensuring durability, and are covered with PVC fabric, the fabric is waterproof and strong enough to against for weather resistance.

Pacific geodesic domes are widely favored for large-scale events such as conferences, exhibitions, and outdoor festivals. Their robust construction and customizable sizes make them a preferred choice for temporary and semi-permanent structures. Many clients like the structure and appearance of Pacific domes.

Pacific Dome
  1. RAXTENT Dome

RAXTENT was established in 2013 and was focus on geodesic domes for 10 years, RAXTENT was good at hard material geodesic dome tents, such as geodesic glass domes and wooden geodesic glass domes, zome glass dome, glass igloo dome etc… These geodesic domes are tailored for luxury glamping hotel and resort, events, and high-end dining experiences.

RAXTENT domes are sought after for their aesthetic appeal and structural integrity, offering panoramic views and a unique ambiance. They cater to upscale resorts, eco-retreats, and exclusive event venues looking to blend natural surroundings with architectural elegance.

RAXTENT glass domes can be customized from 3m to 30m diameter, and now RAXTENT has finished the full geodesic glass dome in Russia and wooden glass dome in Clear Sky Resort in the USA, and RAXTENT has many cases of glass domes around the world and get good reviews from clients.

Clear Sky Resort
  1. Full Dome

Full Dome specializes in 360-degree projection domes, also called cinema dome or theater dome, creating immersive environments for events, exhibitions, and planetariums. Their domes are engineered to support advanced projection technologies, enhancing visual experiences.

These domes are ideal for educational purposes, art installations, and corporate presentations where immersive visual content is crucial. The dome design optimizes acoustics and visual projections, creating a captivating ambiance. Full Dome's focus on projection technology integration distinguishes them as a leader in immersive entertainment and educational settings, providing cutting-edge solutions for digital storytelling.

  1. Viking Dome

Viking Dome specializes in Aurora domes designed for Northern Lights viewing and yoga retreats. Additionally, they offer steel-framed glass domes suitable for various architectural and scenic locations.

Their Aurora domes are strategically positioned in remote, natural settings where guests can experience the spectacular phenomenon of the Northern Lights. The steel-framed glass domes cater to eco-tourism and unique architectural showcases.

Viking Dome
  1. Phoenix Dome

Phoenix Dome specializes in PVC dome tents, primarily in smaller sizes geodesic domes sourced from RAXTENT. They are recognized for their robust after-sales service and expertise in dome setup, particularly in the competitive North American market. The Phoenix domes are widely used for greenhouse, backyard events, small-scale glamping hotel, and family resort. Phoenix Dome ensures reliable performance and customer satisfaction through efficient setup and support services.

Phoenix Dome's commitment to quality and customer service positions them as a trusted supplier in the regional market, offering versatile dome solutions that meet both recreational and functional needs.

Phoenix Dome
  1. Polidome

Polidome manufactures large geodesic dome tents tailored for projections and events. Their structures feature steel tubes covered with white PVC fabric, ensuring durability and weather resistance. The domes are utilized for concerts, exhibitions, corporate events, and large-scale gatherings where spacious, weather-protected venues are essential.

  1. Lucidomes

Lucidomes specializes in transparent polycarbonate domes, catering to camping dome hotels and restaurants. These polycarbonate domes are popular in eco-friendly resorts and scenic locations, offering guests a unique blend of comfort and immersive outdoor experiences. Lucidomes are designed to enhance the connection between indoor and outdoor environments.

Lucidomes' use of polycarbonate materials ensures durability and UV protection, though prolonged exposure to sunlight may impact longevity. They provide an eco-conscious option for hospitality settings seeking to integrate natural surroundings into guest experiences.

  1. Domespace

Domespace offers a diverse range of dome structures, including camping domes, glass domes, fiberglass domes, bubble domes, dome pods, and planetarium domes. They specialize in distributing various dome types sourced from manufacturers like RAXTENT.

These domes cater to a wide range of uses, from temporary accommodations to permanent installations in tourism, education, and entertainment sectors. Domespace focuses on offering comprehensive dome solutions without direct involvement in manufacturing.

Domespace's extensive product range and global distribution network make them a convenient choice for customers seeking multiple dome options under one roof. They facilitate access to innovative dome designs suitable for diverse applications worldwide.

  1. Vina Dome Tent

Vina Dome Tent specializes in geodesic dome tents for glamping hotels across Europe. They provide fully equipped small dome tents complete with doors, windows, bathrooms, and ventilation systems. These domes are tailored for luxury camping living space, offering guests a comfortable retreat amidst natural landscapes. Vina Dome Tent focuses on delivering turnkey solutions for hospitality projects without engaging in dome design and production.

Vina dome tent
  1. Shelter Dome

Shelter Dome manufactures PVC geodesic dome tents in both small and large sizes. Their smaller domes are popular for glamping hotels, while larger ones serve as outdoor events.

These domes are used for weddings, festivals, trade shows, and outdoor exhibitions where weather protection and aesthetic appeal are essential. Shelter Dome provides customizable solutions to meet diverse event needs effectively.

Shelter Dome

Each of these geodesic dome tent manufacturers brings unique strengths and capabilities to the market, contributing to the diverse applications and growing popularity of dome structures worldwide. Whether for luxury glamping, immersive experiences, or functional event venues, these domes continue to innovate and redefine contemporary architectural and outdoor living standards.

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