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Discover Top 5 Geodesic Domes Suppliers Around the World

Here are top 5 geodesic dome tent suppliers around the world.

NO.1, Pacific Dome for glamping and event.

No.2 RAX TENT Dome hard material domes for glamping hotel.

No.3 Full Dome for immersive projection.

No.4 Viking dome Aurora dome for lights.

No.5 Phoenix dome, small PVC domes for glamping.

Pacific dome, It’s known for its expertise in PVC fabric domes with hot galvanized steel tubes, these structures are perfect for everything from glamping to grand events, pacific domes are strong enough and weather-resistant, but the delivery time may be a little longer than others.

NO.2, RAXTENT Dome, a leader of tent manufacturers since 2013. Specializing in hard material domes, such as geodesic glass domes, wooden glass dome house, pyramid glass house, peach shape glass house, Aurora glass home, etc… RAXTENT offers an exquisite range of geodesic glass houses. From luxury glamping hotels to small and big dining hall, RAXTENT Domes blend natural beauty with architectural elegance. Their panoramic glass domes provide breathtaking views and an ambiance like no other. RAX TENT has made the biggest 20m diameter geodesic glass dome in Russia and the wooden glass dome houses at Clear Sky Resort in the USA. Celebrated globally, RAXTENT continues to receive good reviews for their innovative designs.

NO.3,Full Dome. Other notable mentions include Full Dome, with their 360-degree projection domes ideal for immersive experiences, Viking Dome's Aurora domes designed for viewing the Northern Lights, and Phoenix dome also sourced over 200 dome tents from RAXTENT, but Phoenix dome was well known for their exceptional customer service and smaller PVC glamping hotel domes.

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