honeycomb glass dome house

Video of How RAX TENT Design and Make Honeycomb Glass Dome House?

Why does RAX TENT make glass domes with honeycomb shapes?
At RAX TENT, our goal is to push the boundaries of traditional architecture. The hexagonal honeycomb dome structure not only offers exceptional stability but also maximizes the viewing area from multiple perspectives.
The framework is crafted from full aluminum alloy, ensuring both stability and durability while maintaining a lightweight design.
We selected double-layered blue-coated tempered glass with a hollow middle layer filled with argon gas for the geodesic dome. This glass offers excellent light transmission, reduces heat ingress, and enhances insulation properties.
The production process involves several meticulous steps:
Design Blueprint Confirmation.
Selection of aluminum Profiles.
Cutting and Drilling the framework.
Welding. Coating.
Installation of Covering Materials.
Dimension Adjustment Each step ensures quality, durability, and adherence to design specifications.
RAXTENT workers and design team at RAX TENT have been with the company for at least 8 years. They have developed a strong sense of teamwork and mutual understanding. Our team knows our stringent quality control standards and understands the needs of our customers. With their seamless collaboration, they consistently deliver high-quality products that meet and exceed expectations.
The Honeycomb Glass Dome House is incredibly versatile. Whether for Airbnb, a private residence, a retreat, or a resort, it adapts to various environments and purposes.
Customers benefit from natural light, improved insulation, and a closer connection to nature, all while minimizing carbon emissions.
The Honeycomb Glass Dome House by RAX TENT represents a paradigm shift in sustainable architecture. It blends modern luxury with ecological mindfulness, positioning RAX TENT as a leader in the industry.

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