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Video of New 12M Honeycomb Glass Dome Use for Event

In the year 2020, RAX TENT has produced the honeycomb glass dome, and obtained a patents. This honeycomb geodesic dome boasts a diameter of 12 meters, a height of 6 meters, and a surface area of 113 square meters. Exported to the United States for use in aquariums, it adopts the most modern and innovative honeycomb geodesic dome, featuring a structure made entirely of aluminum alloy and a surface covered with double-layered blue-coated tempered glass. As a result, this honeycomb dome resembles a blue crystal ball, combining geometric aesthetics with natural harmony.

Utilizing high-strength aluminum alloy as the framework material ensures the honeycomb structure's stability and durability. Aluminum alloy is not only lightweight and robust but also exhibits excellent corrosion resistance. Furthermore, the structure of our 12-meter honeycomb glass dome is denser than conventional products, with each edge controlled within a reasonable range. This not only enhances the product's wind resistance and safety but also improves efficiency during assembly.

The surface is covered with 5mm+9A+5mm tempered blue-coated glass, with argon gas filling the middle layer. The solar heat reflection coefficient ranges from 0.1 to 0.2, effectively reducing heat ingress into the sphere, minimizing electricity usage, mitigating light pollution, and conserving energy. Additionally, the geodesic dome boasts excellent insulation and UV protection properties.

This innovative honeycomb glass dome represents a harmonious blend of cutting-edge design and sustainable technology, offering both aesthetic appeal and practical benefits for various applications, including aquariums and other architectural projects.

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