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7.2M Dia Wooden Glass Dome House for Luxury Glamping In USA

7.2M Dia Wooden Glass Dome House for Luxury Glamping In USA

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Why wooden glass dome house best for luxury camping?

wooden glass dome house

1, Luxury camping tent design with wooden glass dome house:
* The use of high-quality materials, hardwood and tempered glass, adds a touch of luxury to the camping experience.

2, Durability and Weather Resistance:
* The aluminum frame ensures structural stability and durability, while the combination of tempered glass and hard wooden panels provides resistance to harsh weather conditions, including wind and snow.


Aluminum 6061 / T6, which is lightweight, good strength, good corrosion resistance, excellent processing performance, easy to regenerate, it’s the best for packing and delivery and environmentally friendly.


tempered glass, which is good appearance, waterproof, UV-resistance, fire resistance, wind and snow retardant, noise reduction, Sound insulation etc.

DOME COVER (Wooden Panel)

Thickness is 18mm, covered on the surface of the glass dome house, waterproof, UV-resistant, soundproof and keep privacy.


Glass Windows: Adjust ventilation for the dome.
•Floor System: Offers stability and comfort, ensuring a secure and pleasant walking surface within the glass dome.
•Exhaust Solar Fan: Contributes to a well-ventilated and fresh.


•Exceptional Corrosion Resistance and Long-lasting Durability.
•High Strength and Environmental Sustainability.

glass dome house for glamping
*From 2021 to 2022, we began to try the application of new materials on wooden glass domes, selecting a variety of outdoor-specific panels such as cutting and carving, the main performance, export transportation, and installation, and determined this double-sided metal hard panel as the main covering material for the wooden glass dome.

*By the end of 2022, it was put into use at our RAX TENT campsite, and after the actual operation of our campsite and the living experience of hundreds of consumers, we finally decided to use this 18mm thick panel as the main material for our wooden glass dome. This panel, with thickened metal cladding on both inside and outside, is lightweight but very hard, resistant to high temperatures, corrosion, good sound insulation, and is also an environmentally friendly material. The cutting of this wooden plate is also very technical. To fit the structure of the wooden dome, we need to cut the panel into different sizes, each size has to be precise to a few tenths of a millimeter, and after two rounds of quality inspection and quality control, it can be packaged and shipped.

*In 2023, with this wooden panels and tempered glass, we successively produced 6m, 7m, 8m, 10m, 12m, and 15m size wooden glass dome and exported to the United States to build luxury campsites. These small size wooden glass domes are mainly used for tent hotels and family glamping resort.
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