10m glass dome tent

NO.18 CASE-10M Glass Dome Tent for Corporate Image Showcase Space in Qatar

In 2018, RAX TENT embarked on a remarkable project in Qatar, a leading paper recycling company, crafting a 10-meter glass dome tent to serve as an innovative corporate showcase space. This pioneering endeavor marked the dawn of a new era in environmentally conscious corporate branding.

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Craftsmanship and Durability:

Crafted with precision and expertise, the 10-meter glass dome tent boasts a first-generation aluminum alloy frame, elegantly coated in gray paint. Its exterior is adorned with blue-tempered glass panels, providing a striking visual aesthetic. Despite enduring six years since its installation, the tent remains virtually maintenance-free, a testament to its enduring quality and performance.

10m glass dome tent in Qatar

Promoting Environmental Sustainability:

With its core focus on paper recycling and environmental advocacy, the client sought to amplify its commitment to sustainability through an immersive showcase experience. The glass dome tent served as the perfect canvas to host government officials, educators, and community leaders, offering them a firsthand glimpse into green initiatives. Inside the dome tent, a meticulously curated exhibition juxtaposed eco-friendly practices with conventional alternatives, fostering dialogue and awareness. The glass dome tent also served as a hub for eco-themed conferences and events, earning acclaim for its innovative approach to environmental education.

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Efficiency and Expertise:

Prior to its deployment in Qatar, meticulous planning and preparation RAX TENT were undertaken. A trial assembly of a 10m geodesic glass dome was conducted at the factory, ensuring quality. Additionally, two engineering experts were dispatched to Qatar to oversee the installation process, further ensuring precision and excellence.

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Adaptability in Extreme Conditions:

Despite Qatar's scorching daytime temperatures, the glass dome tent has good insulation, maintaining its structural functionality. Its innovative design and superior materials allowed it to thrive in challenging climates, underscoring its versatility and reliability.

10m geodesic dome glass tent

Protecting Client Interests:

RAX TENT commitment to excellence extends beyond craftsmanship to safeguarding client interests. With exclusive patents for large-scale glass dome tents, clients can rest assured that their investment is protected, offering peace of mind and confidence in their partnership with RAX TENT.

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