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10M Geodesic Glass Dome Tent for VR Room and Exhibitions

10M Geodesic Glass Dome Tent for VR Room and Exhibitions

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This dome features a first-generation model with a durable aluminum alloy frame coated in sleek gray paint. Its striking appearance is enhanced by the use of blue-tinted tempered glass, offering a modern and sophisticated aesthetic. Equipped with a standard single door and two manual windows, this dome has served its purpose effectively for over six years without the need for maintenance, showcasing its exceptional durability and longevity.


10m glass dome tent

1, 10m Glass Dome Specifications

*Size: 10m/ 32.81 ft in diameter.

*Height: 5m/ 16.4 ft

*Area:79 sqm/ 850.35 sq ft.

*Frame Material: Patented industrial aluminum alloy profiles 6061/T5 coated grey, rust-proof, corrosion-resistant, and not easily deformed.

*Cover Material: Blue mirror tempered glass, to protect privacy while offering unobstructed views.

*Accessories: single-open glass door, two glass windows by hand.

*Wind and Snow load: Against wind load 120 KM/H and snow load 75 KG/SQM.

*Life span: the glass dome tent can be used for more than 30 years.

glass dome tent for VR room

2, Usage of 10M Glass Dome Tent in Qatar

Our client in Qatar is primarily engaged in paper recycling, advocating for environmental sustainability. To promote their green initiatives, the dome serves as a welcoming space for hosting government officials, students, and community groups to learn about their eco-friendly practices. The interior of the dome is thoughtfully designed to feature displays contrasting environmental and non-environmental practices, allowing visitors to experience firsthand the importance of sustainability. Additionally, the dome serves as a venue for green-themed conferences and events, receiving positive feedback for its innovative approach.

3, Other Usage of 10m Glass Dome Tent

1) Corporate Events: Ideal for hosting corporate events such as product launches, brand activations, or networking receptions. The transparent glass dome structure creates a unique ambiance, allowing guests to enjoy panoramic views while engaging in business activities.

2) Exhibition Spaces: The 10m glass dome house is perfect for showcasing products, services, or artworks in a visually appealing environment. The dome's transparent walls provide ample natural light, enhancing the visibility and attractiveness of the exhibits.

3) Environmental Education: Suited for educational purposes, especially in promoting environmental awareness and sustainability practices. The glass domes can be transformed into an interactive learning space with exhibits, workshops, and presentations focused on eco-friendly initiatives.

4) Social Gatherings: Well-suited for hosting social gatherings such as weddings, parties, or special celebrations. The elegant design and spacious interior create a memorable setting for guests to celebrate and socialize.

5) Wellness Retreats: Ideal for hosting wellness retreats, yoga sessions, or meditation workshops. The serene ambiance of the geodesic glass dome, coupled with its natural lighting, provides a tranquil environment for relaxation and rejuvenation.

6) Pop-up Restaurants/Cafes: Perfect for creating temporary dining experiences in unique settings. The dome's transparent structure offers diners a one-of-a-kind dining experience, whether it's for brunch, afternoon tea, or dinner under the stars.

7) Temporary Accommodation: Can be used as temporary accommodation for glamping sites, offering guests a luxurious and immersive outdoor lodging experience. The 10m glass dome's spacious interior can accommodate comfortable bedding and amenities for overnight stays.

8) Art Installations: Suitable for hosting art exhibitions, installations, or immersive experiences. The dome's unique shape and transparent walls provide artists with a versatile canvas to showcase their creative works in a captivating setting.

Send an inquiry about the glass dome house to know more design and price list and welcome coming to us for glass dome samples.

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