10m geodesic glass dome tent

NO.21 CASE—10M Glass Dome for Family Resort Home in USA

Unique Features and Custom Design

Our 10-meter glass dome, although a standard size, has been tailored to meet the unique needs of our American client. Located near a forest with uneven ground, the client opted to add a 40cm stone wall around the dome's base. This addition serves two purposes: it prevents insects from entering and keeps the interior dry. The main entrance features double glass doors, with an increased height of about 20cm to accommodate the client's taller stature and facilitate easy movement of goods during daily life and renovations. Our design approach ensures the dome meets all the client's practical living requirements.

10m glass dome tent

Spacious Interior Layout

The interior of the 10-meter diameter glass dome is incredibly spacious, with a height of 5.5 meters and an area of 78.5 square meters. Similar to our previous project in Canada, this American client's dome includes a two-story LOFT layout. The first floor comprises a living room, kitchen, and one bedroom, while the second floor features an additional bedroom. With two bathrooms, this setup provides ample space for family living.

glass dome tent for family resort

High-Quality Materials and Aesthetic Design

We used tempered glass and white solid panels for the dome's construction. The solid panels not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also complement the transparency of the glass, creating a minimalist, high-end interior style. The materials offer 100% UV protection and ensure privacy, which our client highly appreciates.

geodesic dome house for glamping

Robust and Safe Structure

The dome's framework is made entirely of aluminum alloy, covered with tempered glass and solid panels. Weighing between 8-9 tons, the structure is exceptionally sturdy, with excellent wind and snow load resistance, ensuring safety and durability.

Exclusive Patents and Customer Assurance

Our large-size glass domes come with exclusive patents, guaranteeing the protection of our clients' usage rights. This assurance allows our customers to enjoy their unique living spaces with complete peace of mind.

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