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6M Geodesic Glass Dome House with White Solid Panel Thermal Insulation

6M Geodesic Glass Dome House with White Solid Panel Thermal Insulation

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1, Glass dome house specifications

Size: 6m/ 20 ft in Diameter. Height: 3.5m/ 11.5ft. Floor Area: 28 sq m/ 301 sq ft.

Frequency: 3V ,Windload: 120km/h, Snowload: 0.5 kn/ sqm, Warranty: 3 years.

*Dome structure: 

Aluminum framework, patented industrial aluminum alloy profiles, T6061 T6/T5; •Standard frame coated white for this dome house.

*Dome cover: 

Double layer hollowed clear tempered glass and white solid panel which used for keep privicy and thermal insualtion.

*Dome Accessories: 

Curtain/Glass Windows/Floor System/Bathroom/Exhaust Solar Fan.

2,Why we design and make the new white glass dome house?

The new white geodesic glass dome tent is the same with the most popular and classic PVC fabric geodesic dome tent, white part and clear part, the clear part for scenery and white part for decoration.

But we have updated this geodesic dome tent according to the new trendy in tent industry.

3,Why we made the clear part of the geodesic glass dome house with tempered hollow glass?

The clear part we made with aluminum frame and hollow tempered glass? But why?

First, the aluminum frame is patented aluminum and widely used for aerospace and construction, that means, the aluminum is very high quality, safe and strong, endurable and unti-rust. Best raw material.

Second, the tempered hollow glass is 100% waterproof and soundproof, easy to be cleaned by clear water, it's very bright and extremely clear.

4,Clear part can be customized. 

Usually, the transparent part is 3 layers of the tempered glass, because it's rightly for us to check the star and beautiful scenery when we are sleeping on the bed, but of course, there will be different design of the bay window according to the size of the geodesic dome tent.

5, How we make the white part?

The white part we use solid panel cover, it has good performance in keeping privacy, blocking out the sun, and keeping thermal insulation, this material can save energy for you when you are outdoor glamping, it's enviornment friendly.

6, The white solid panel for the glass dome house is thermal insulation material.

In this part, people usually put the bathroom, bed or kitchen here, it can keep privacy, soundpoof, better for the accessory of the dome tent when glamping with your family.

7, How to build the white glass dome house successfully?

Building a geodesic glass dome tent can be a challenging project, but with proper planning, materials, and tools, it can be done.

Gather all the profiles you need, including the glass, aluminum frames, connectors, and any other necessary hardware. Use the connectors to assemble the frame, following the design plan. Make sure the frame is level and square, and check the connections to make sure they are tight.

Install the glass cover: Once the frame is assembled, install the glass, making sure they are securely attached to the frame.
Reinforce the dome: To ensure the stability of the dome, you can add reinforcement to the frame, such as additional pipes or screws.
Install the door and ventilation: Add a door and ventilation to the dome, following the design plan.

Note: This is a basic outline, and specific steps and materials may vary depending on the size, design, and materials used for the dome.

Once you order the glass dome house from us, don't worry, we will send you the safety guidelines and installation vidoes, and you can seek our professional engineers team if necessary.

Send inquiry about the glass dome house to know more design and price list and welcome coming to us for glass dome samples.

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