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NO.25 CASE—Glamping House Campsite Resort Hotel in Jiangxi China

The ManTu XingJi Luxury Camping Site at Mount Wudang in Ganzhou, Jiangxi, is one of RAX TENT' projects. This camping site combines the charm of natural landscapes with a unique interstellar theme, providing visitors with an unforgettable lodging experience.

glamping resort hotel

At the Camping Site, we installed 7 glass dome tents, 12 geodesic dome tents, and 8 space capsule houses. The 7 glass dome tents are named after the Big Dipper, the 12 geodesic dome tents are named after the twelve zodiac constellations, and the 8 space capsule houses are named after the eight major planets. Each type of accommodation features its unique theme and decoration, making guests feel as if they are in outer space. The interiors of the star-themed hotel are filled with interstellar elements, while the exterior boasts misty mountains, dense forests, and the spectacular Danxia landform. When guests open the curtains, they can enjoy the magnificent view of peculiar stone peaks and lush landscapes.

prefab capsule house

The specifications of the glass dome houses include a diameter of 6 meters and a height of 3.6 meters, providing an interior space of 28 square meters. The layout includes a bedroom, bathroom, and viewing area, offering spacious and comfortable accommodations.

glamping glass dome tent

Mount Wudang is a major tourist attraction known for its impressive Danxia landform and rich Buddhist culture, attracting visitors from Jiangxi, Guangdong, Hunan, Fujian, Hong Kong, Macau, and Southeast Asia. The construction of this interstellar luxury camping site adds a significant highlight to the area's tourism appeal.

Since its opening,  glamping site has quickly attracted a large number of visitors, especially families and corporate groups seeking unique experiences.

RAX Tent's glass dome house boast exclusive patents, guaranteeing our clients' rights and peace of mind. For those considering embarking on their own journey into the realm of specialty accommodations or boutique tourism, this project stands as a shining example of success.

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