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RAX TENT 6M Mirror Glass Dome Tent for Glamping Hotel

RAX TENT 6M Mirror Glass Dome Tent for Glamping Hotel

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This is the RAXTENT case in Estonia, a 6-meter blue mirror glass dome tent, which serves as an Airbnb glamping hotel in the local area. Located near the seaside, the glass dome is covered with blue mirror glass, whose surface reflects the surrounding beauty, blending seamlessly with the environment. As the sun sets, the color of the surface changes, creating a stunning visual effect that draws attention from afar.

The choice of mirror glass ensures privacy without compromising on the view. The outer surface reflects the scenery while keeping guests hidden from view, allowing for an unobstructed view of the picturesque surroundings. Natural light filters through the glass, illuminating the interior where guests can relax and enjoy the view

This exclusive glass dome tent also comes with RAXTENT custom 270-degree luxury curtains. When drawn, they provide a more private space for customers while preserving the aesthetic appeal of the dome tent. The interior is equipped with a comfortable king-size bed and seating area in the viewing area. Behind the bed, a privately crafted bathroom ensures a five-star accommodation experience even when staying outdoors.

Surrounded by stunning scenery, the 6-meter glass dome tent combines practicality and aesthetic appeal.


RAXTENT 6M Mirror Glass Dome

Diameter: 6m/ 20 ft

Height: 3.5m/ 11.5ft

Floor Area: 28 sq m/ 301 sq ft

Frequency: 3V

Windload: 120km/h

Snowload: 0.5 kn/ sqm

Warranty: 3 years

Basic version 6m mirror glass dome configuration:

  1. Frame: This 6M mirror glass dome frame material is Aluminum Alloy 6061/T5, coated white, it has many good features, anti-rust, high density, nice appearance, etc… Of course, the frame color can be customized such as black, grey, brown, golden, wooden, etc…
  2. Cover: This 6M glass dome tent is covered with single layer tempered glass, Mirror blue color, and thickness is 5mm, it’s common and enough for European countries. Of course, there are many options for the cover such as double hollow glass, glazed glass, triplex tempered glass, and LOW-E glass. And polycarbonate is available.
  3. Glass Door: The standard size for the 6M glass dome tent is 1211mm in width *2060mm in height (3.97 ft * 6.76 ft); and this dome is set with a KFC pushing door, with aluminum door + tempered glass + door frame + Door Closer. Of course, we have other styles of glass doors for optional.
  4. Glass Window: The 6m glass dome tent is set with 2 pcs glass windows open by hand, aluminum frame with 5mm thickness single glass, and the installation location can be selected according to your own needs
  5. All the assembly accessories: All glass dome tents are equipped with a full set of installation accessories, such as bolts, screws, anchoring feet, double-sided adhesive, textured paper, structural glue, glue gun, protection package, aluminum paper, etc.
  6. Reinforced packing: All of our glass dome tents come with exclusive custom protection steel rack packing for tempered glass and aluminum frames.
  7. Installation instructions and installation video: We provide detailed installation instructions and guidance. If you have any installation questions, please contact us at any time and we will answer you. If necessary, we also provide engineers to come to guide the construction.

Upgrade your glass dome with our high-quality accessories, enhance Your Living Experience

  1. Electric Glass Window: To provide our customers with a more convenient living experience, we can offer electric glass windows for our glass dome tents. These windows are equipped with remote control operation, freeing up your hands and allowing for effortless control. Additionally, the electric windows can be installed at the top of the spherical glass tent to provide better ventilation.
  2. Luxury Curtains: Our 6-meter mirror glass dome tent features exclusive 270-degree two layers of curtains with tracks, designed by RAXTENT. These curtains offer UV protection, privacy, and a soft decorative touch to the interior. We also offer 360-degree track curtains as an option. The color of the curtains can be selected according to the client's on-site needs.
  3. Bathroom: RAXTENT provides an independent, integrated bathroom for the glass dome tent. The bathroom measures 2800mm in length, 2050mm in width, and 2140mm in height (9.19 ft * 6.73 ft * 7.02 ft), with an area of 5.75 sqm (61.89 sq ft). The curved side perfectly matches the dome tent, saving space. The wall is made of waterproof and moisture-resistant aluminum panels, while the floor features waterproof and anti-slip tiles. The interior is divided into a shower and toilet area, complete with ventilation and exhaust ports, shower head, toilet, washbasin, mirror, etc. The integrated assembly is shipped as a finished product, ready to use when connected to water and electricity.
  4. Exclusive Insulation Layer 1: To enhance the insulation effect of the glass dome tent, the solid rigid aluminum composite panel can be applied inside, with a thickness of 4mm. Each plate is sized to fit the frame, providing 100% waterproof, insulation, UV protection, soundproofing, and privacy protection. The solid rigid aluminum composite panel can also serve as an interior decorative panel, with color options to suit the customer's needs.
  5. Exclusive Insulation Layer 2: For customers in extreme cold regions such as Northern Europe, Russia, the United States, and Canada, 10mm thick reflective aluminum foil insulation layers can be added to the glass dome tent. The aluminum foil offers excellent insulation, heat preservation, and moisture-proofing properties, keeping the interior temperature stable. The glass dome tent can be normally used in temperatures ranging from -45℃ to 70℃.
  6. Solar Energy Fan: The glass dome tent can be equipped with a solar fan for ventilation. We offer 12-inch solar fans as exhaust, covered with a protective grille and packaged in separate boxes for easy shipping.
  7. Window Screen Mesh: As an outdoor product, it's inevitable that mosquitoes and other insects will enter the interior of the glass dome tent. To better protect clients from these pests, additional window screens can be installed on the glass windows, providing a more comfortable living experience.
  8. Chimney Hole: For customers who wish to install a stove, we can pre-cut a chimney hole in the glass dome tent. The size of the chimney hole depends on the client's chimney pipe dimensions.

With these versatile accessories, our glass dome tents offer a comfortable and luxurious living experience in any environment. From electric windows and luxury curtains to integrated bathrooms and insulation layers, we have everything you need to make your glass dome tent experience unforgettable.


In addition to the above-mentioned accessories, glass dome tents can also accommodate various customized requests, such as adding unique porch designs, connecting tunnels, larger viewing areas, or any other customizations you may have in mind. Please feel free to contact us, and we can assist you in designing your ideal glass dome tent.

Please note that all customized requests are subject to availability and may incur additional costs. Our team of experts is more than happy to assist you in designing and implementing the perfect glass dome tent to suit your needs and preferences.

Contact us today to start planning your dream glass dome tent experience!

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