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NO.26 CASE— Geodesic Glass Dome House for Glamping in Inner Mongolia

Nestled in the scenic beauty of the Asga Volcano Camping Ground in Inner Mongolia's Ulanhada Geopark, our client has successfully set up a luxurious glamping site featuring our signature glass dome tents. This campsite, known for its unique volcanic landscapes, offers an unforgettable experience for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike.

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The Asga Volcano Camping Ground boasts a total of 46 accommodation units, including 6 six-meter glass dome tents known as the "Wandering Earth Stargazing Family Suites," and 40 basic rope tents. These 6 glass domes are the only hard-structured tents in the camp, designed to provide a premium glamping experience. Inside, the glass domes are furnished with simple yet comfortable king-sized beds, maximizing the space for stargazing and panoramic views.

glass dome glamping house

The aluminum alloy frame of the glass dome tents ensures quick and easy installation. The modular design allows for sturdy and durable structures that are resistant to deformation, making them ideal for long-term use in various weather conditions. The surfaces of the tents are covered with tempered glass, blend seamlessly with the natural surroundings while maintaining their distinct charm. This design choice not only enhances the visual appeal but also ensures that the tents are well-integrated into the landscape. To balance privacy with unobstructed views, the tents can feature a combination of mirrored and transparent glass panels. This allows guests to enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the volcanic landscape while ensuring their privacy. The tents are equipped with custom double-track luxury curtains that fit the spherical surface perfectly. These curtains are both aesthetically pleasing and functional, providing excellent sun protection and privacy.

glass dome house for glamping

Located in Ulanhada Geopark, the Asga Volcano Camping Ground offers guests a unique opportunity to witness the spectacular volcanic formations. The geodesic glass dome tents are strategically placed along the primary scenic line, providing views of the fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth volcanoes. The transparent blue-coated tempered glass of the domes allows for unobstructed views of the stunning landscape, creating an immersive experience.

The campsite itself is surrounded by lush greenery and the majestic Danxia landforms, making it an ideal location for photography and social media moments. Guests can also enjoy close encounters with the local wildlife, such as herds of sheep and cattle. Additionally, the campsite offers a range of activities, including bonfires, fireworks, horseback riding, and barbecue experiences, enhancing the overall glamping adventure.

Our glass dome tents are protected by exclusive patents, ensuring the rights and interests of our customers are fully safeguarded. The combination of innovative design, ease of installation, and the breathtaking beauty of the volcanic landscape makes it a standout choice for eco-conscious travelers and adventure enthusiasts. Whether you're looking to connect with nature or enjoy a unique stargazing experience, our glass dome tents provide the perfect solution for an unforgettable glamping adventure.

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