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6m Geo Dome House for Glamping with Glass Board Igloo Dome House for Camping

6m Geo Dome House for Glamping with Glass Board Igloo Dome House for Camping

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Why Glass dome house best for glamping and camping?
1, Glass house is dome shape, morden and stylish design, beautiful with blue tempered glass cover, best for outdoor glamping for 4 season.
2, Glass house for glamping dome house is 100% safe, strong enough to against heavy rain and snow, suitbale for all the weather condition.

1, Glass dome house specifications

glass dome house

Size: Diameter: 6m/ 20 ft, Height: 3.5m/ 11.5ft, Floor Area: 28 sq m/ 301 sq ft ,Frequency: 3V ,Windload: 120km/h, Snowload: 0.5 kn/ sqm, Warranty: 3 years.

2, Glass dome house material

*Dome structure: Aluminum framework, patented industrial aluminum alloy profiles, T6061 T6/T5; •Standard frame coated white or black or gray, 3 kinds to choose.

*Dome cover: Standard Single layer glass 5mm, blue tempered glass.

*Dome Accessories: Curtain/Glass Windows/Floor System/Bathroom/Exhaust Solar Fan.

glass dome house accessories

3, People Also Asking about the 6M glass dome house

1)What are the dimensions of the 6m glass dome house for glamping?

The 6m glass dome house typically has a diameter of 6 meters, offering ample space for accommodation, dining, and relaxation while maintaining a cozy and intimate atmosphere.

2)What materials are used in the construction of the 6m glass dome house?

The 6m glass dome house is typically constructed with a sturdy steel or aluminum alloy frame, which provides structural stability. The exterior is covered with double or triple-layered glass panels, ensuring insulation, weather resistance, and panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

3)What accessories are included with the 6m glass dome house for glamping?

Depending on the provider, accessories for the 6m glass dome house may include furniture, such as beds, sofas, tables, and chairs, as well as lighting fixtures, heating systems, and bathroom facilities. Some may also offer optional add-ons like solar panels, air conditioning units, or entertainment systems to enhance the glamping experience.

4)What are the potential applications of the 6m glass dome house for glamping?

The 6m glass dome house is ideal for various glamping experiences, including romantic getaways, family vacations, nature retreats, or even commercial ventures such as eco-resorts or luxury camping sites. Its unique design and panoramic views make it a sought-after accommodation option for travelers seeking a blend of comfort and outdoor adventure.

Send inquiry about the glass dome house to know more design and price list and welcome coming to us for glass dome samples.

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