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NO.9 CASE—20M Glass Dome for Restaurant in Russia

Welcome to another exemplary addition to RAX TENT's classic case studies – the 20m diameter glass dome for restaurant nestled in Russia. Towering at 10m in height, this architectural marvel boasts a spacious interior spanning 314 square meters, capable of accommodating 200-300 diners comfortably. With its ingenious design allowing for 2-3 levels, it maximizes space utilization without compromising on comfort. 

Extreme Weather Resilience

Russia's harsh winter climate, with temperatures plummeting to -20 to -40 degrees Celsius, demands materials of exceptional durability. Constructed with T6063-T5 aluminum alloy profiles, renowned for their strength and resilience, our geodesic glass dome retains stability even in the most frigid conditions. Rust-resistant and rigorously tested, it guarantees safety and longevity.

Premium Glass Quality

The glass panels used are fully tempered, offering unparalleled hardness and stability. Withstanding temperatures ranging from -100 to 380 degrees Celsius, they ensure safety and reliability under diverse environmental conditions. Our commitment to quality extends beyond functionality to encompass peace of mind for our clients.

Pioneering Innovation

In a landscape where innovation meets necessity, RAX TENT stands at the forefront. As the sole manufacturer capable of conceptualizing, producing, and seamlessly erecting 20m diameter glass dome tent in China, we offer unrivaled expertise and assurance. With successful trial assemblies conducted within our facilities, we guarantee a hassle-free installation process for our clients.

Exclusive Patent Protection

The expansive 20m diameter glass dome is not just a feat of engineering but also a testament to our commitment to client satisfaction. Backed by exclusive patents, our clients enjoy unparalleled protection of their investment, ensuring peace of mind and confidence in their choice of RAX TENT.

In summary, our 20m glass dome restaurant in Russia exemplifies the fusion of innovation, resilience, and elegance. From its expansive interiors to its unwavering structural integrity, it offers a dining experience like no other, redefining culinary excellence amidst the Russian landscape. As pioneers in the field, RAX TENT continues to push boundaries, setting new standards of excellence with each project.

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