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RAX TENT 20M Big Geodesic Glass Dome for Office and Restaurant

RAX TENT 20M Big Geodesic Glass Dome for Office and Restaurant

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Among the glass dome tent series, the 20m big geodesic glass dome is definitely the first position, with a diameter of 20 meters, a height of 10 meters, and 314 square meters. The 20M big geodesic dome tent for restaurant is made with aluminum alloy frame and double layer tempered glass, until now, RAXTENT was the only manufacturer who can made the 20M big geodesic dome tent with tempered glass and build it up successfully. We have test it perfectly.

It has a newly upgraded aluminum alloy profile frame with convex edges and is covered with hard wood grain plates. And tempered glass, equipped with double-open glass doors and glass windows, used in camp restaurants and leisure cinemas. It is easy to use and eye-catching, and is the key to generating income in the camp.
RAX TENT's 20-meter large glass dome has undergone rigorous structural calculations, and the frame size of each layer is controlled within a reasonable range. It can not only ensure 100% safety, but also be easy to set up. Moreover, this large glass dome house has been successfully completed in our factory Set up and test before exporting. Every step helps customers improve efficiency and achieve optimal performance.
In addition, our product has an exclusive patent, which can 100% protect customers' rights to use it.

glass dome frame

Size: 20m big geodesic dome tent made with aluminum frame and tempered glass, best for glamping and office.

Frame Material: Aluminum alloy frame, can be coated and painted into white, black. grey, gold etc.. customized for differen usage.

Cover Material: Tempered glass, can be singler layer, double layer, three layers, Glass color can be transparent, blue, green, frost glass, hollow glass, glazed glass etc... for different area and weather condition.

Accessory: The geodesic glass dome tent accessory including glass door, glass windows, floor system, platform etc..

Wind and Snow load: Geodesic dome tent glass dome tent is heavy duty and strong structure which windload 100KM/H and snowload is 75KG/SQM.

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