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30 sqm One Peak Tent House Glamping Tent for Outdoor Luxury Hotel

30 sqm One Peak Tent House Glamping Tent for Outdoor Luxury Hotel

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RAXTENT has been committed to providing clients with high-quality products, from geodesic dome tents, glass dome tents, and glass pyramid tents, to glamping peak tents, our tent product range is diversified to meet the different needs of clients.
These luxury glamping tents have an upright peak top, so we call them one-peak tents, they not only provide visual beauty, but also have strong superb practicality in the outdoors, are easy to install, and have strong security. 30sqm of indoor space can be enough to put a bed, bathroom, sofa, etc, with excellent accommodation experience, is definitely a perfect choice for an outdoor glamping hotel.

1, Specification

luxury hotel tent house

Size: The area is 30sqm, 5m in length, 6m in width, 2.6m in wall height and 5.7m in roof height.

Material: The main material of one peak glamping tent is galvanized steel and covered with double layer 850g/sqm PVC.

Capacity: The one peak tent can be divided into two functional areas of bedroom and bathroom or other functions you want, suitable living for 1-4 people  .

Accessory: The one peak tent for glamping and resort accessory including glass door, bathroom, wood floor, platform etc..

Wind and Snow load: The membrane structure tent house windload is 100KM/H and snowload is 75KG/SQM.

2, Material of the single peak tent house

The frame glamping hotel tent is made of high-strength and durable steel, with a stable structure, the top is made of double layer 850g/sqm PVC fabric cover, that can withstand bad weather, 100% waterproof, fireproof, wind-resistant, and UV-resistant, ensure the safety of outdoor living.

One-peak glamping tent has large viewing areas, and is made of durable tempered glass, the transparent and bright glass allows natural light to enter the room, ensuring indoor lighting, at the same time, allows people to enjoy the natural scenery and immerse themselves in it up close.

One part of the walls are solid walls, 12mm thickness solid walls not only protect privacy but also have good thermal insulation, then equipped with luxury curtains and tempered glass doors and windows to further protect client privacy and safety, so outdoor living is safe and secure.

3,People Also Asking About the One Peak Hotel Tent House

1)What are the primary features of the one peak hotel tent house?

The one peak hotel tent house, boasting a size of 30sqm, offers a range of features designed for comfort, convenience, and durability. These may include:

*Spacious interior layout with versatile living and sleeping areas

*High-quality materials and construction for weather resistance and longevity

*Easy-to-install framework and modular components for quick setup and teardown

*Optional amenities such as furniture, lighting, and heating/cooling systems for enhanced comfort

2)What are the typical applications of the one peak hotel tent house?

The one peak hotel tent house is suitable for various applications, including:

*Boutique hotel accommodations in scenic or remote locations

*Eco-friendly lodging options for nature retreats or glamping resorts

*Temporary housing solutions for events, festivals, or construction sites

*Remote office or workspace for professionals seeking a tranquil environment

3)How is the installation process managed for the one peak hotel tent house?

luxury tent house installation

The installation of the one peak hotel tent house typically involves:

*Site preparation, including leveling and ground stabilization

*Assembly of the tent framework and anchoring to the ground

*Installation of fabric panels, flooring, and optional accessories

*Final inspection and testing of utilities and amenities

4)What thermal insulation features does the one peak hotel tent house?

The one peak hotel tent house is designed to provide thermal insulation and weatherproofing, ensuring comfort and protection for occupants. Features may include:

*Insulated fabric panels or layers to regulate indoor temperatures

*Sealed seams and closures to prevent drafts and moisture ingress

*Optional heating or cooling systems for climate control in extreme conditions

5)How is shipping managed for the one peak hotel tent house?

Shipping arrangements for the one peak hotel tent house are coordinated based on factors such as location, transportation method, and logistical requirements. Components are typically packaged and transported to the installation site, with specialized handling to ensure safe and timely delivery.

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