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6M 7M Glass Dome House for Resort Hotel with High Temperature Resistance in Desert

6M 7M Glass Dome House for Resort Hotel with High Temperature Resistance in Desert

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RAXTENT's Classic Case in Jordan ! Classic Blue + Transparent Glass Dome, the hotel has been open for 5 years and is still the benchmark for outdoor tent hotels, classic and unbeatable! Every day, tourists from all over the world endorse and promote, an absolutely luxurious star hotel!

6m glamping dome tent hotel

1, Aicha Memories Luxury Glamping Site Glass Dome Specifications:

* Quality: 15 sets 7m in dia glass domes + 10 sets 6m in dia glass domes for luxury hotel,

multi peak-top glamping tent houses for glamping,

30m in dia geodesic dome tent for restaurant.

*Size: 6m/19.68ft in dia, 3.5m/11.48ft in height, 28 sqm/ 301.39 sq ft;

     7m/22.97ft in dia, 4.2m/13.78ft in height, 39sqm/ 419.79 sq ft;

*Frame Material: Patented industrial aluminum alloy profiles 6061/T5 coated golden, incorporating the characteristics of the Middle Eastern desert, rust-proof, corrosion-resistant, and not easily deformed.

*Cover Material: Blue+ transparent tempered glass, to protect privacy while offering unobstructed views.

Tempered glass ensures outdoor safety and hollow tempered glass is the most suitable for extremely hot desert areas and has good insulation.

*Insulation Layer: aluminum foil and solid panels, cut into variously sized triangles perfectly fit the surface of the domes, providing excellent insulation while also adding decorative flair to the interior. The color of the solid panel material is customizable, further integrating it into the environment.

*Ventilation: the side of glass domes are set up with manual triangular glass windows, and the electric glass windows are installed at the top. Moreover, for a better ventilation effect, can add a solar fan on glass dome tents.

*Accessories: wooden color glass door with password lock, luxurious double track curtains, customized bathroom fit glass domes to save space, wood floor.

*Wind and Snow load: Against wind load 120 KM/H and snow load 75 KG/SQM.

*Life span: the glass dome tent can be used for more than 30 years.

glamping hotel glass dome tent

2, Aicha Memories Luxury Glamping Site Glass Dome Details

Located in the breathtaking landscape of Jordan's Wadi Rum desert, the Aicha Memories Luxury Glamping Site is a testament to luxury and adventure. Since its inception in March 2019, this glamping site has captivated travelers worldwide with its unique accommodations and immersive experiences.

1)Swift Development: The glass dome meets the demand for quick use, providing customers with a quick and efficient solution. From production to operation, the Aicha Memories Luxury Glamping Site was swiftly brought to life within just three months. With four large containers of materials, the site's construction commenced in March and welcomed its first guests in May of the same year.

2)Distinctive Design: Inspired by Jordan's national flower, the glamping site features a layout of 25 glass domes, with sizes ranging from 6 meters to 7 meters. Positioned strategically amidst the stunning landscape, these domes, along with the pointed-top tents, create a visually striking ambiance, making the site instantly recognizable.

Exotic Interior: The interiors of the domes and tents are adorned with handcrafted furniture sourced from countries like Egypt and Morocco, infusing the space with a rich Middle Eastern charm. This attention to detail adds to the overall allure of the site, providing guests with an authentic and luxurious glamping experience.

3)Popular Destination: Over the past five years, the Aicha Memories Luxury Glamping Site has become a sought-after destination, with accommodation prices averaging around 3000 RMB per night and rooms consistently in high demand. Travelers from around the globe are drawn to the site's unique offerings, from stargazing and camping to experiencing the warm hospitality of the staff.

4)Comprehensive Services: In addition to accommodation, the glamping site provides a range of services, including dining, desert tours, photography services, and even a coffee bar and water bar. These amenities enhance the guest experience and contribute to the site's reputation as a premier destination for luxury glamping.

5)Professional Support: To ensure the seamless setup and operation of the glamping site, our company dispatched experienced engineers to provide on-site assistance and guidance during the construction phase in 2019. This commitment to customer support underscores our dedication to facilitating the success of our clients' ventures.

Send an inquiry about the glass dome house to know more design and price list and welcome coming to us for glass dome samples.

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