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6M cheap factory price dome house prefabricated with aluminum frame

6M cheap factory price dome house prefabricated with aluminum frame

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6M factory price dome house prefabricated glass dome house against sunlight and waterproof.

RAXTENT made 6m geodesic Glass dome for our European customer, it will be used for events and exhibition for a long time. It has many advantages as below:

1, The size is 6M diameter, it's best for permanent living  and business area.

2, It' strong structure because of the frame is hard pressured aluminum alloy.

3, The glass is LOW-E glass, widely used for the surface of the high-end office building and five-star hotel.

4, It's waterproof, fire resistance and flame resistance.

5, The glass cover should be installed piece by piece, although it may be took more time to finish but it's very easy under the install guide from us.

1, Wooden Glass Dome Specification:

wooden glass dome

Diameter: 6m/ 20 ft;

Height: 3.5M/11.5ft

Floor Area: 28sqm / 301sq ft

Windload: 120 km/h

Snowload: 0.5 kn/ sqm

Warranty: 3 years

2, Wooden Glass Dome Material:

Wooden Glass Dome Frame: aluminum alloy, which is lightweight, good strength, good corrosion resistance, excellent processing performance, easy to regenerate, it’s the best for packing and delivery and environmentally friendly.

Wooden Glass Dome Cover: low-e glass Cover, which is waterproof, UV-resistance, fire resistance, etc.

3, People Also Asking About the Geodesic Wooden Glass Dome

1)What are the available sizes for the geodesic wooden glass dome?

The geodesic wooden glass dome comes in various sizes, ranging from 5 meters to 20 meters in diameter, catering to different space requirements and preferences.

2)What are the applications of the geodesic wooden glass dome?

The geodesic wooden glass dome has versatile applications, including but not limited to:

Residential housing and Airbnb hotel

Greenhouses and botanical gardens

Event venues and exhibition spaces

Cafes and restaurants

Educational facilities such as classrooms and observatories

3)How is the installation process of the geodesic wooden glass dome carried out?

The installation of the geodesic wooden glass dome involves several steps, including site preparation, assembly of the wooden frame, installation of the glass panels, and sealing of joints for weatherproofing. Depending on the size and complexity of the dome, professional installation services may be recommended to ensure structural integrity and safety. But don’t worry about the installation, RAX TENT teams will send you the installation guide book as well as photos and videos to help you finish the assembly.

4)What thermal insulation features does the geodesic wooden glass dome offer?

The geodesic wooden glass dome provides excellent thermal insulation properties, thanks to the combination of wooden structural elements and glass panels. The wooden frame acts as a natural insulator, while the double or triple-layered glass panels offer additional insulation against heat loss or gain, ensuring comfortable indoor temperatures year-round.

5)How is shipping handled for the geodesic wooden glass dome?

Shipping arrangements for the geodesic wooden glass dome depend on factors such as size, location, and transportation method. Typically, the dome components are carefully packaged and shipped in modular sections to facilitate transportation and assembly on-site. Specialized shipping services may be required for larger domes to ensure safe and timely delivery to the destination.

6)Are there any additional features or customization options available for the geodesic wooden glass dome?

Yes, the geodesic wooden glass dome can be customized to meet specific requirements and preferences. Additional features such as skylights, ventilation systems, insulation upgrades, and eco-friendly building materials can be incorporated to enhance functionality and sustainability. Customization options also extend to interior finishes, door and window configurations, and architectural design elements to create a unique and personalized space tailored to individual needs.

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