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6m Diameter Dome Glass Dome House Glass Igloo for Glamping Resort

6m Diameter Dome Glass Dome House Glass Igloo for Glamping Resort

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RAXTETN has spent lots of effort in developing new product, and the glass dome house is the best for luxury glamping, until now we have exported to over 20 countries.  Actually, we offer many tent solutions for events, party, wedding, projection, exhibition, glamping, camping, etc..

1, 6M Glass Dome Specification:

6m glass dome

Diameter: 6m/ 20 ft;

Height: 3.5M/11.5ft

Floor Area: 28sqm / 301sq ft

Windload: 120 km/h

Snowload: 0.5 kn/ sqm

Warranty: 3 years

2, Glass Dome Material:

Glass Dome Frame: aluminum alloy, which is lightweight, good strength, good corrosion resistance, excellent processing performance, easy to regenerate, it’s the best for packing and delivery and environmentally friendly.

Glass Dome Cover: low-e glass Cover, which is waterproof, UV-resistance, fire resistance, etc.

3, People Also Asking About the 6M Glass Dome for Glamping.

1)What are the dimensions of the 6M glass dome for glamping?

The 6M glass dome for glamping has a diameter of 6 meters, providing ample space for comfortable accommodation and leisure activities in outdoor settings.

2)What are the typical applications of the 6M glass dome for glamping?

The 6M glass dome for glamping offers a range of applications, including:

Luxury camping accommodations

Outdoor retreats and eco-resorts

Nature lodges and wilderness retreats

Adventure tourism and experiential travel destinations

3)How is the installation process of the 6M glass dome for glamping carried out?

The installation of the 6M glass dome for glamping involves several steps, including site preparation, assembly of the dome structure, installation of glass panels, and interior outfitting. Professional installation services may be recommended to ensure proper setup and structural integrity.

4)What thermal insulation features does the 6M glass dome for glamping offer?

The 6M glass dome for glamping is equipped with advanced thermal insulation features, including double or triple-layered glass panels and optional insulation upgrades. These features help maintain comfortable indoor temperatures year-round, ensuring a cozy and inviting glamping experience in any weather conditions.

5)How is shipping handled for the 6M glass dome for glamping?

Shipping arrangements for the 6M glass dome for glamping depend on factors such as location, transportation method, and logistics provider. The dome components are carefully packaged and shipped to the destination, with specialized handling to ensure safe and timely delivery.

6)What accessories are included with the 6M glass dome for glamping, and how are they used?

The 6M glass dome for glamping may come with a variety of accessories, including:

*Interior furnishings such as beds, seating, and storage units

*Lighting fixtures and electrical outlets for convenience and comfort

*Climate control systems such as heaters or air conditioners

*Bathroom facilities and kitchen amenities for added convenience

*Outdoor decking or patio areas for relaxation and outdoor dining

These accessories enhance the glamping experience by providing essential amenities and comfort features for guests. They are used to create a luxurious and immersive outdoor living environment that combines the comforts of home with the beauty of nature.

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