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6m Geodesic Dome Tent with Blue Glass for Yoga Studio and Retreat

6m Geodesic Dome Tent with Blue Glass for Yoga Studio and Retreat

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This glass dome tent features a gray aluminum alloy frame, covered in full blue glass, presenting a unique and modern appearance with artistic flair. It includes a glass door and two manual windows, providing ample natural light and ventilation, allowing you to feel the freshness of nature during yoga practice or meditation.

6m glass dome tent

1, Specifications of glass dome:

*Diameter: 6m / 19.68ft

*Height: 3.5m / 11.48ft

*Area: 28sqm / 301.39 sq ft

*Color: Blue

*Frame Material: Gray aluminum alloy, high strength, and corrosion resistance.

*Covering Material: Full blue tempered glass

*Door: Glass door

*Windows: Two manual windows

*Features: Soundproof, waterproof, snow load resistant

dome tent for meditation room

2, Why choose glass dome tents for Yoga Studio?

1) Soundproofing and Waterproofing: This glass dome tent offers 100% soundproofing and waterproofing capabilities, creating a private and quiet environment for practice and meditation, allowing you to fully immerse yourself without external distractions.

2) Snow Load Resistance: Whether meditating in the snow during winter or practicing yoga under the summer sun, this tent can easily withstand snow loads, ensuring your comfort.

3) Adaptability: Even in the variable climate of the UK, ranging from -10°C to 32°C, this tent maintains comfort, allowing you to enjoy yoga and meditation anytime, anywhere.

4) Ideal Usage Scenarios: This 6-meter blue glass dome tent is especially suitable for meditation spaces and niche yoga venues. It not only embodies the privacy and sophistication of hotel clubs but also provides a secluded space for complete relaxation away from the hustle and bustle.

dome tent for yoga studio

3, How to install glass dome tents?

1) Preparation: Ensure the ground is level, clear away debris, and select a suitable location for assembly.

2) Assemble the Frame: Follow the instruction manual to connect the aluminum alloy frame pieces together, ensuring a secure connection.

3) Install the Covering Material: Place the glass over the frame, adjusting its position to ensure it lays flat.

4) Install Doors and Windows: Mount the glass door and manual windows, ensuring smooth operation and a tight seal.

5) Adjust Details: Check all parts of the tent for proper installation, and make adjustments as needed to ensure stability and security.

6) Completion: After assembly is finished, perform a final inspection to ensure nothing was missed, then it is ready for use.

4, People Also Asking:

1) Is the geodesic dome tent suitable for outdoor use?

Yes, dome tent is highly suitable for outdoor use. It is waterproof and can withstand snow loads, providing comfort in various weather conditions.

2) How effective is the soundproofing of the glass dome?

This glass dome offers 100% soundproofing, providing a private and quiet space for yoga and meditation, allowing users to immerse themselves in inner peace away from external noise.

3) Is the dome tent easy to assemble?

Yes, this tent features a simple assembly structure and comes with detailed instructions, making it easy to assemble. Typically, it can be assembled by a few people in a short amount of time.

Send inquiry about the glass dome house to know more design and price list and welcome coming to us for glass dome samples.

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