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6M Luxury Glamping Hotel Tent with Pyramid Glass House 100% Waterproof Soundproof

6M Luxury Glamping Hotel Tent with Pyramid Glass House 100% Waterproof Soundproof

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RAX TENT is one of the most powerful tent manufaturer located in China, we have 6 main kinds of tents: 1. PVC fabric dome from 3m to 80m diameter. 2. Glass dome tent and woooden glass dome house from 4m to 20m diameter. 3. Pumpkin tent for glamping hotel tent and restaurant. 4. Geodesic Zome tent and zome glass house. 5. Peak tents for tent house. 6, Pyramid shape glass house.
The 6M pyramid glass house is our new and exclusive design used for luxury glamping hotel, it has many good features, strong and staible structure and exclusive shape, covered with tempered glass, easy to build, long lifespan.

1, Pyramid glass house specifications

6M pyramid glass house
Size: 7M Diameter/23ft, 49sqm / 527sq ft, 5.0M/16.4ft, Windload100km/h, Snowload 0.5Kn/sqm.

2, Metrial of the Pyramid Glass House

*Pyramid glass house structure:

Aluminum framework, patented industrial aluminum alloy profiles, T6061 T6/T5; High strength and corrosion resistance, commonly used as aerospace parts, automotive parts, bicycle frames, etc.

*Pyramid glass house Cover:

Tempered glass, single layer, double layers and three layer for options.

*Pyramid glass house Accessories:

  • Insulation: Temperature control, keeping the interior comfortable in both hot and cold weather.
  • Curtain: provide privacy, light control, and additional insulation.
  • Glass Windows: Adjust ventilation for the dome.
  • Floor System: Offers stability and comfort, ensuring a secure and pleasant walking surface within the glass dome.
  • Bathroom: Offers convenience and comfort.
  • Exhaust Solar Fan: Contributes to a well-ventilated and fresh.

3, People Also Asking about the Pyramid glass house?  

1) What are the dimensions of the 6m Pyramid Glass House?

The 6m Pyramid Glass House has a base width of 6 meters,4M roof height providing ample space for accommodation while maintaining the iconic pyramid shape and design.

2What materials are used in the construction of the 6m Pyramid Glass House?

The 6m Pyramid Glass House features an aluminum alloy frame structure for durability and stability, with the exterior covered by either double or triple-layered glass panels. These high-quality materials ensure insulation, weather resistance, and protection against temperature fluctuations.

3What are the advantages of choosing the 6m Pyramid Glass House?

The 6m Pyramid Glass House offers a unique and captivating living experience with its panoramic views, ample natural light, and distinctive architectural design. Its compact size makes it suitable for various applications, including residential homes, vacation retreats, or garden studios.

4How can the 6m Pyramid Glass House be utilized?

The 6m Pyramid Glass House can serve multiple purposes, including a cozy retreat for individuals or couples, a guest accommodation on a larger property, a garden sanctuary for relaxation, or a unique commercial venue for events or exhibitions.

5What considerations should be made for installing the 6m Pyramid Glass House?

Installation of the 6m Pyramid Glass House involves assembling the pre-fabricated components on-site. Proper site preparation, including leveling the ground and ensuring adequate drainage, is essential. Additionally, considering the orientation of the house to maximize sunlight exposure and views is recommended.

Send inquiry about the pyramid glass house to know more design and price list and welcome come us to view the whole production line.

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