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7M Glass Pyramid Tent for Luxury Glamping Tent Hotel with Bathroom

7M Glass Pyramid Tent for Luxury Glamping Tent Hotel with Bathroom

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The glass pyramid tent has a wide view, highly comfortable accommodation conditions, a unique accommodation experience close to nature, and the characteristics of environmental protection and energy saving. This kind of tent is very suitable as an accommodation facility for camping hotels, which can attract more tourists to experience and improve the hotel's popularity and competitiveness.

1, Glass Pyramid Tent Specifications

pyramid glass tent

Size: 7M Diameter/23ft, 49sqm / 527sq ft, 5.0M/16.4ft, Windload100km/h, Snowload 0.5Kn/sqm.

2, Metrial of the Pyramid Glass House

*Pyramid glass house structure:

Aluminum framework, patented industrial aluminum alloy profiles, T6061 T6/T5; High strength and corrosion resistance, commonly used as aerospace parts, automotive parts, bicycle frames, etc.

*Pyramid glass house cover:

Glass Color: Blue tempered glass. Standard Single layer glass 5mm. Hollow glass 5+9A+5mm. Laminated glass 5+0.75PVB +5mm. 

*Single-layer glass offers excellent safety, transparency and resistance to wind pressure.

*Double-glazed glass provides excellent insulation and thermal retention, superior soundproofing, and prevents fogging and condensation.

*Triple-glazed glass offers even higher thermal performance, exceptional sound insulation, and enhanced safety.

3, People Also Asking about pyramid glass house

1) What are the dimensions of the 7m Pyramid Glass House?

The 7m Pyramid Glass House has a base width of 6 meters, 5M roof height providing ample space for accommodation while maintaining the iconic pyramid shape and design.

2What materials are used in the construction of the 7m Pyramid Glass House?

The 7m Pyramid Glass House features an aluminum alloy frame structure for durability and stability, with the exterior covered by either double or triple-layered glass panels. These high-quality materials ensure insulation, weather resistance, and protection against temperature fluctuations.

3What are the advantages of choosing the 7m Pyramid Glass House?

The 7m Pyramid Glass House offers a unique and captivating living experience with its panoramic views, ample natural light, and distinctive architectural design. Its compact size makes it suitable for various applications, including residential homes, vacation retreats, or garden studios.

4How can the 7m Pyramid Glass House be utilized?

The 7m Pyramid Glass House can serve multiple purposes, including a cozy retreat for individuals or couples, a guest accommodation on a larger property, a garden sanctuary for relaxation, or a unique commercial venue for events or exhibitions.

5What considerations should be made for installing the 7m Pyramid Glass House?

Installation of the 7m Pyramid Glass House involves assembling the pre-fabricated components on-site. Proper site preparation, including leveling the ground and ensuring adequate drainage, is essential. Additionally, considering the orientation of the house to maximize sunlight exposure and views is recommended.

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