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7M Mixed Geodesic Dome Tent Covered with PVC and Tempered Glass

7M Mixed Geodesic Dome Tent Covered with PVC and Tempered Glass

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RAXTENT is committed to providing high-quality tent products for clients. The glass and PVC mixed geodesic dome tent is our exclusive product and is the ideal choice for clients who want to have as same viewing effect as the glass dome tent and durability, but with a limited budget. The mixed glass dome tents combine the double advantages of classic geodesic dome tents and tempered glass, which is not only thermal insulation and diaphragmatic but also soundproof. Practicality and cost-effectiveness are the most important advantages of all tent products.

1, Mixed Dome Tent Specifications

*Size: This mixed geodesic dome tent is 7m in diameter, 4.2m in height, and 39 sqm.

*Frame material: The frame of the mixed dome tent is made with galvanized steel and aluminum alloy. The mixed dome tent is the perfect combination of two types of materials and locking reinforcement with screws, which is safe and stable.

*Cover material: For the affordable dome tent for glamping, the cover material includes 2 kinds, the transparent part is tempered glass and the white part is PVC fabric.

Transparent bay windows and skylights are covered with tempered glass which makes the dome tent more durable and luxurious and is durable and strong enough to damage from weather and environmental factors.

*Accessories: The mixed geodesic dome tent contains glass doors, ventilated triangular glass windows, luxury curtains, etc. For a better experience, bathrooms, floors, solar exhaust fans, air conditioners, and other configurations can also be added.

geodesic dome tent with PVC and glass

2, Detail

1) Tempered Glass for Scenery

The transparent viewing of PVC and glass mixed dome tents uses as same practices as high-end glass dome tents, which are made of aluminum alloy for skeleton materials and tempered glass, tempered glass is not only has an open and clear vision but also has good thermal insulation and soundproof, more safety and more durable outdoors.

2) PVC Cover of Dome tent

The non-transparent part of the PVC and glass mixed dome tent is made of classic 3-layer thermal insulation film material, PVC fabric,  aluminum foil and Oxford fabric lining which has better thermal insulation and shading effect, reduces indoor energy loss, and is more environmentally friendly and convenient.  

3) Cost-Effective Dome Tent

Our mixed dome tents have a longer use cycle, the maintenance is convenient and easy, easy to clean and easy to change the cover, the cost is lower and cost-effective, and provides more options for tent camps. At present, the market recognition of mixed dome tents is very high.

6m mixed geodesic dome tent

3, Why did RAXTENT design the Mixed geodesic dome tent?

1) Budget reduction: Our mixed dome tent offers a more cost-effective alternative to high-end geodesic glass domes, allowing customers to achieve a luxurious glamping experience without exceeding their budget. 

2) Permit acquisition: We assist customers in obtaining permits for building geodesic dome tents for luxury glamping hotels. Our mixed dome tent design may facilitate the permit approval process due to its structure.

3) Shipping cost reduction: Our mixed dome tent is designed with considerations for efficient shipping, potentially reducing transportation expenses compared to traditional geodesic glass domes. This helps customers save on shipping costs while ensuring timely delivery of their glamping accommodations.

Send an inquiry about the mixed geodesic dome tent to know more design and price list and welcome coming to us for geodesic dome samples.

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