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8.5M Space Capsule House for Glamping Resort Tiny House

8.5M Space Capsule House for Glamping Resort Tiny House

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RAXTENT Glamping House - Space Capsule House – redefines modern living and working spaces. With a sleek, futuristic design and top-of-the-line construction, the Space Capsule House X8 offers an innovative solution for various applications, including luxury accommodations, unique office spaces, and more.

1, Specifications of the Capsule Capsule House

*Length: 8.5m / 27.89ft

*Height: 3.2m / 10.50ft

*Width: 3.3m / 10.83ft

*Weight: 6T

*Total Area: 28 sqm / 301.39 ft, including bedroom, bathroom, balcony;


· Main Framework: composed of hot-dip galvanized steel connecting the base and top panels.

· Outer shell: consists of aluminum alloy modules coated with a fluorocarbon spray paint layer, featuring a modern geometric shape and streamlined appearance.

· Glass Wall: 6MM+12A+6MM, Tempered Hollow Glass.

* Accessories: Inside smart control system including control panel, AC, curtain, Integrated sound system, Ceiling light strip, Ambient light strip, fresh air, Floor floodlight strip, Skylight(with automatic curtains), etc…capsule house layout

2, Features and Benefits of Capsule House

1) Futuristic Design:

The Space Capsule boasts a sleek, aerodynamic design with smooth curves and high-gloss finishes, making it a standout addition to any environment.

Large, curved windows provide panoramic views and ample natural light, enhancing the sense of space and openness.

2) Superior Construction:

Constructed with high-quality materials, including durable aluminum alloys and tempered glass, the Space Capsule X8 ensures longevity and resilience.

The robust frame and insulation provide excellent thermal efficiency, maintaining a comfortable interior climate in various weather conditions.

3) Versatile Applications:

Ideal for luxury glamping sites, the Space Capsule X8 offers a unique and comfortable retreat for guests seeking a futuristic and luxurious experience.

Perfect for use as a modern office space, creative studio, or private retreat, providing a unique and inspiring environment.

4) Intelligent Design:

The thoughtfully designed interior layout maximizes the use of space, offering flexibility and functionality.

Equipped with high-tech features such as smart lighting, climate control, and state-of-the-art security systems.

5) Ease of Installation:

No assembly is required, just plug in the water and electricity upon arrival and you can use it,  reducing setup time and labor costs.

3, How about the shipping and installation of the capsule house?

1) Fully Assembled and Container Shipped:

The Space Capsule X8 is shipped fully assembled. This means it is pre-assembled at the factory, eliminating the need for disassembly and reassembly during transport. This greatly enhances efficiency and reduces the risk of damage during shipping.

2) Integrated Crane Lifting:

The capsule is designed for integrated crane lifting, allowing it to be directly placed in the desired location using a crane. This avoids the hassle of on-site assembly and construction, saving both time and manpower.

3) Ready-to-Use Upon Delivery:

Since the capsule is fully assembled and equipped internally before shipping, it doesn’t require complicated installation procedures upon arrival. You can start using it immediately after it’s delivered to the site.

4, People Also Asking about capsule house

1, Are Space Capsule Houses environmentally friendly?

Yes, many Space Capsule Houses are designed with sustainability in mind. They use eco-friendly materials, energy-efficient systems, and renewable energy sources. Additionally, their compact size and efficient design minimize their environmental footprint.

2, How durable are Space Capsule Houses?

Space Capsule Houses are constructed with high-quality materials such as steel frames, reinforced glass, and insulated panels. These materials provide excellent durability, weather resistance, and longevity, ensuring that the structure can withstand various environmental conditions.

3, What kind of foundation is required for a Space Capsule House?

Space Capsule Houses typically require a flat and stable foundation. This can be a concrete slab or a series of concrete piers.

4, What is the lifespan of a Space Capsule House?

With proper maintenance, a Space Capsule House can at least 30 years. The use of durable materials and high-quality construction techniques ensures a long lifespan, comparable to traditional homes.

5, Are there any zoning or building code restrictions for Space Capsule Houses?

Zoning and building code restrictions vary by location. It's important to check with local authorities to ensure that a Space Capsule House complies with all relevant regulations and codes before installation.

Send inquiry about the capsule house to know more design and price list and welcome come us to view the whole production line.

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