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8.5M Wooden Color Glass Dome For Glamping Hotel Tent in USA

8.5M Wooden Color Glass Dome For Glamping Hotel Tent in USA

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RAX TENT wooden glass dome tent is a natural wood color, which blends well with the red rock desert landscape.

It is also very eye-catching when placed on a large scale in a camp, making the camp highly recognizable.

The clear sky resort in the USA was built with full wooden glass dome tents, the domes are used for luxury glamping hotel and restaurant and event.

wooden glass dome tent

1,Glass Domes Specifications

*Size: 8.5 M/ 27.89 ft

*Height: 5.56 M / 18.24 ft

*Area: 57 sqm/ 613.54 sq ft

*Frequency: 4V

*Wind load: 120 km/h

*Snow load: 0.5 kn/sqm

*Warranty: 3 years

8.5m glass dome tent

2,Glass Dome Material:

1)Dome Frame:

*Patented industrial aluminum alloy profiles, T6061 T6/T5;

*Color optional: black, white, grey, golden, brown, etc.

*High strength and corrosion resistance, commonly used as aerospace parts, automotive parts, bicycle frames, etc

2)Dome Cover 1:

*Tempered glass

*Standard Single layer glass 5mm, Hollow glass 5+9A+5mm, Laminated glass 5+0.75PVB +5mm, Low-e glass, Mirror glass;

*Color: Blue / Green / Black / Grey / Clear/ Wood / White / Sliver, etc.

3)Dome Cover 2:

*Wooden color solid panel

*Thickness: 18mm.

*Color optional

*Solid wooden panel is extremely lightweight, with high strength and rigidity, corrosion resistance, and is suitable for long-term outdoor use.

4)Dome Accessories:

*Exclusive design of insulation

*Luxury Curtain

*Glass windows by hand / Electric glass window

*Floor system


*Exhaust solar fan.

3,Why people choose wood-colored glass dome tents?

1)Natural Aesthetic: The wood color provides a natural and warm feeling, blending harmoniously with nature. Wood-colored glass dome tents create a cozy and nature-friendly atmosphere, appealing to modern individuals who seek a connection with the natural environment.

2)Comfortable Feeling: Wood-colored glass dome tents offer a sense of warmth and comfort, making them a preferred choice for holiday stays or camping. The soft and warm tones of wood enhance the interior space's coziness, providing occupants with a homely feeling.

3)Harmony with the Environment: Wood-colored glass dome tents blend more seamlessly with the surrounding natural landscape in outdoor environments, harmonizing with trees, grasslands, and other natural elements. This harmonious visual experience makes wood-colored glass dome tents a preferred choice for holiday stays or camping experiences.

Send inquiry about the glass dome house to know more design and price list and welcome coming to us for glass dome samples.

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