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8M Glass Glamping Dome Tent with Mezzanine for Family Resort

8M Glass Glamping Dome Tent with Mezzanine for Family Resort

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This 8-meter glass dome tent blends modern architectural design with advanced materials to create a unique and luxurious glamping experience. 

1, Specifications of glamping dome tent

Diameter: 8m/ 26.25 ft

Height: 5 meters

Area: 50 sqm/ 538.20 sq ft


Frame Material: High-strength aluminum alloy

Cover Material: Customizable hard panels and tempered glass,

glamping dome tent for hotel

2, Glamping dome tent Design

Dome Structure:

The glamping dome tent features a unique geometric design that combines modern and natural elements. Its high-strength aluminum alloy frame ensures structural stability and durability. The tempered glass covering offers excellent light transmission, premium brick finish for added aesthetics and stability. but also provides superior thermal and sound insulation, making the interior space more comfortable.

Customizable Cover Design

One of the standout features of this geodome tent is its customizable cover. Customers can choose from a variety of options to personalize their glamping experience:

Materials: Hard panels combined with tempered glass.

Color and Thickness: Various colors and thicknesses available to match the desired aesthetic and functional requirements.

Transparency: Options for different transparent and opaque areas to balance privacy and views.

Interior Space Design

With an interior height of 5 meters and a total area of 50 square meters, the glamping tent offers ample space for customization. Customers can design the interior with mezzanines to make the most of the two-level space, creating a variety of usage scenarios.

For example:

Ground Floor: The glamping dome can include a spacious living room, bathroom dining area, and modern kitchen.

Mezzanine: Can be set up as a private bedroom, leisure area, or viewing area;

Observation Area: Large glass walls allow guests to enjoy surrounding views, perfect for stargazing and nature watching.

3, Why glass glamping dome tent perfect for Family Glamping Resorts

Spacious and Comfortable: The 50 sqm interior combined with a 5-meter height is ideal for family vacations. It allows for flexible customization to meet the needs of different family members.

High-End Facilities: Modern design and high-quality materials ensure a comfortable stay. Excellent sound and thermal insulation provide a pleasant environment in any season.

Eco-Friendly: Maximizes natural light to reduce energy consumption. Optional solar power systems can further minimize environmental impact.

Visual Enjoyment: Transparent glass walls offer an unobstructed view, allowing guests to fully enjoy the natural scenery, and enhancing the unique glamping experience.

Personalized Design: With customizable options for the cover, customers can create a personalized and unique glamping hotel that stands out.

glaming dome tent in winter

4, People Also Asking Glamping Dome Tent

Can the glass dome tent withstand harsh weather?

Yes, glamping dome tent features high-strength tempered glass and an aluminum alloy frame, effectively resisting strong winds, heavy snow, and other harsh weather conditions.

How difficult is it to install the glass dome tent?

The glamping dome tent's modular design allows for quick and easy installation, suitable for various terrains and environments.

How is privacy protected in the glass dome tent?

The combination of hard panels and mirrored glass, along with blackout curtains, ensures excellent privacy for guests.

What is the lifespan of the glass dome tent?

Due to its high durability materials, it can last for 30 years with proper use and maintenance.

This 8-meter glass glamping dome tent is not only visually appealing but also provides a comfortable, luxurious, and unique accommodation experience for family glamping vacations. With its customizable cover options, it allows for a personalized touch, making each glamping site truly unique.

Send inquiry about the glass dome house to know more design and price list and welcome coming to us for glass dome samples.

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