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Exclusive 6M Peach Shape Glass Zome Dome House in Garden

Exclusive 6M Peach Shape Glass Zome Dome House in Garden

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1, Glass Zome Dome Specification

*Diameter: 6m/20ft

*Height: 5m/16.4ft

*Floor Area: 28 sqm/ 301.39 sq ft;

*Frame Material:

•Aluminum framework, patented industrial aluminum alloy profiles, T6061 T6/T5;

•Standard frame coated white or black or gray, 3 kinds to choose.

•Customized color: golden, etc.

Glass Material: Tempered glass

•Color: Blue / Green / Black / Grey / Clear/ Wood / White / Sliver, etc.

•Glass: Standard Single layer glass 5mm.

              Hollow glass 5+9A+5mm.

              Laminated glass 5+0.75PVB +5mm.

              Triplex glass.

*Doors and Windows: Equipped with a glass door entrance and strategically placed windows for optimal ventilation and accessibility.

*Base: Elevated with a sturdy foundation to ensure stability and protection from outdoor elements.

*Dome Accessories: Exclusive design of insulation / Curtain / Glass windows by hand / Electric glass window / Floor system / Bathroom / Exhaust solar fan.

6m glass zome dome tent

2, Glass Zome Dome Features

1) Innovative Design:

The unique peach-shaped design sets this dome apart, offering a visually appealing and distinctive addition to any outdoor space.

2) Enhanced Natural Light:

The extensive use of tempered glass panels allows for abundant natural light to flood the interior, creating a bright and welcoming atmosphere.

3) Panoramic Views:

The transparent glass panels provide stunning 360-degree views of the surroundings, making it an ideal structure for enjoying the beauty of nature.

4) Optimal Ventilation:

Strategically placed windows and vents ensure excellent airflow, maintaining a comfortable indoor climate.

5) Durability and Safety:

Constructed with high-strength materials, the dome is designed to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring safety and longevity.

6)Versatile Use:

Suitable for multiple applications including luxury glamping, outdoor lounges, event spaces, and private retreats.


peach shape glass dome tent

3, People Also Ask about Glass Zome Domes

1) What is the maintenance required for the glass dome tent?

The glass dome tent requires minimal maintenance. Regular cleaning of the glass panels and occasional inspection of the aluminum frame to ensure all components are secure are typically sufficient to keep the structure in excellent condition.

2) Can the glass dome tent be customized?

Yes, customization options are available, including different sizes, colors, and additional features such as interior insulation, customized doors, and windows. Contact us for specific customization requests.

3) How energy efficient is the glass dome tent?

The tempered glass panels provide a good level of thermal insulation, and additional energy-efficient features can be added, such as insulated flooring and shading systems to enhance energy efficiency and maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.

4) Is the dome tent eco-friendly?

The materials used in the construction of the dome tent, such as aluminum and tempered glass, are recyclable. Additionally, the design allows for minimal environmental impact on the installation site.

5) Can the dome tent be used in all seasons?

Yes, the dome tent is designed to be used in all seasons. Its durable construction and the option to add insulation and heating or cooling systems make it suitable for year-round use.

6) How does the glass dome tent handle snow load?

The dome tent is engineered to handle significant snow loads, thanks to its robust aluminum frame and tempered glass construction. Proper maintenance, such as removing excessive snow buildup, is recommended to ensure safety during heavy snowfall.

7) What kind of foundation is required for the dome tent?

The dome tent can be installed on various types of foundations, including concrete slabs, wooden decks, or even directly on level ground with proper anchoring systems. The foundation choice depends on the site conditions and intended use.

Send inquiry about the zome glass house to know more design and price list and welcome come us to view the whole production line.

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