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Glamping Glass Dome House Tent for Campsite and Resort Hotel

Glamping Glass Dome House Tent for Campsite and Resort Hotel

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1, Why do Large campsites choose glass dome tents as hotels?

Attraction for Tourists: Glass dome tents have a unique appearance and offer comfortable interior spaces, which can attract tourists. In a competitive tourism market, having distinctive and appealing accommodation options can help campsites attract more visitors.

Enhancement of Brand Image: Choosing glass dome tents as hotels can enhance the campsite's brand image. This unique accommodation choice demonstrates the campsite's emphasis on innovation and unique experiences, helping the campsite establish a distinctive brand image in the market.

Enhancement of User Experience: Glass dome tents typically offer good lighting and panoramic views, allowing guests to enjoy the surrounding natural beauty to the fullest. This unique accommodation experience can enhance guest satisfaction and loyalty, increasing their affinity for the campsite.

2, Glass dome house specifications

*Size: 7m in diameter/ 22.97 ft

*Height: 4.2m / 13.78 ft

*Area: 39 sqm / 419.79 sq ft

*Dome Frame: Aluminum alloy 6061/T5, coated black, durable, and Strong load-bearing capacity.

*Dome Cover: 5+9A+5mm blue mirror hollow tempered glass, with good insulation;

*Insulation Layer: aluminum foil+ insulation solid panels.

*Accessories: Luxury curtain/ glass window by hand/ electric glass window/ floor system

7m glass dome tent for hotel

3, Details:

Structural Features:

Geodesic Design: These buildings are based on the concept of geodesic domes, consisting of triangular aluminum alloy frameworks, which provide both aesthetics, stability, and strength in engineering.

Material Usage: The outer covering of the domes is made up of two types of glass: blue-coated tempered glass and transparent tempered glass. The blue-coated glass provides privacy and protection, while the transparent glass brightens the interior space, allowing for views of the surrounding scenery.

Functionality and Use:

Scenic Experience: The transparent glass sections offer excellent viewing windows, allowing residents to enjoy the natural beauty of the surroundings, especially the unique landscape—green plains near the cliffs.

Multi-functional Space: The blue-coated sections can be used for more private functions, such as sleeping areas or private activity zones.

This geodesic glass dome project is an innovative concept for living and leisure, combining modern engineering technology with natural aesthetics, providing guests and residents with a space that is both private and open, making it ideal for resorts, eco-lodges, or upscale camping sites.

Send inquiry about the glass dome house to know more design and price list and welcome coming to us for glass dome samples.

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