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Outdoor 12M Transparent Glass Dome Tent for Yoga Studio with Loft

Outdoor 12M Transparent Glass Dome Tent for Yoga Studio with Loft

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Welcome to our product introduction of the 12-meter glass dome tent. Renowned for its elegant appearance and multifunctional design, this glass dome offers a unique and luxurious outdoor experience.

1, glass dome specifications:

*Size: 12m in diameter/ 39.37 ft

*Height: 6m / 19.68 ft

*Area: 113 sqm / 1216.32 sq ft

*Dome Frame: Aluminum alloy 6061/T5, coated black, also can choose grey, white, golden, durable and Strong load-bearing capacity.

*Dome Cover: 5+9A+5mm transparent double layer tempered glass, thickness and color optional, with good insulation and safety;

*Accessories: double open glass door, glass windows by hand on the side, and electric glass windows on top, solar fan.

*Wind and Snow load: Against wind load 120 KM/H and snow load 75 KG/SQM.

yoga glass dome tent with loft

2, 12M Yoga Glass Domes Details:

Design and Structure

The 12-meter diameter glass dome features a black-painted aluminum alloy frame, ensuring durability and sturdiness. Covered with fully transparent toughened glass, it provides unobstructed views of the surrounding environment.

Designed with double-opening toughened glass doors for easy access and enhanced ventilation. Equipped with solar-powered exhaust fans, skylights, and manual windows, ensuring proper airflow and maintaining a fresh and comfortable environment inside.

Multifunctional Space

The interior adopts a double-layer structure, maximizing space utilization up to 200%. It offers ample flexibility, the glass dome can function as a yoga studio, leisure and entertainment space, outdoor office alfresco dining area, cafe, observation deck, and more, adding a touch of luxury and surprise to your outdoor experience.

3, People also asking about glass dome tents for outdoor yoga studios:

Q: Do glass dome tents provide enough privacy for outdoor yoga sessions?

A: While glass dome tents offer transparency, they can still provide privacy depending on their location and surrounding environment. Strategic placement, natural barriers, or additional privacy screens can enhance privacy during yoga sessions.

Q: How do glass dome tents handle different weather conditions?

A: Glass dome tents are designed to be durable and weather-resistant. With proper construction and materials, they can withstand various weather conditions, including wind, rain, and moderate snow. However, extreme weather may require additional reinforcement or precautions.

Q: Can glass dome tents accommodate different yoga styles and class sizes?

A: Yes, the spacious interior and adaptable layout allow for flexibility in arranging yoga mats, props, and seating for practitioners to accommodate different yoga styles, class sizes, and preferences.

Q: How are ventilation and air circulation maintained inside glass dome tents during yoga sessions?

A: Glass dome tents typically feature ventilation options such as windows, doors, and vents to promote airflow and circulation. Additionally, the transparent design allows for natural ventilation, creating a comfortable environment for yoga practice.

Q: How do you maintain and care for a glass dome tent used as an outdoor yoga studio?

A: Maintenance of a glass dome tent involves regular cleaning of the glass panels, inspection of the structure for any damage or wear, and addressing any issues promptly. Additionally, following manufacturer guidelines for upkeep and scheduling periodic maintenance checks can help ensure the longevity and performance of the tent.

Send an inquiry about the glass dome house to know more design and price list and welcome coming to us for glass dome samples.

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