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Pumpkin Shape Glamping Tent House For Hotel and Resort

Pumpkin Shape Glamping Tent House For Hotel and Resort

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This 6.5M pumpkin shape tent house is our new design, for much more inside space and for a better view of the night star, when we produced and installed, the glamping tent with pumpkin shape has been favored by many clients all over the world.

The pumpkin shape tent house has a big space inside the tent, below size is 6.5M/21.7ft, and area is 33 sqm, including beds, sofa, bathroom, and kitchen room. It's enough for a family resort and comfortable when staying in nature. The top is covered with double-layer tempered glass, that allows you to see the stars and moon when night falls.

RAX TENT has made several resorts with pumpkin shape tent house for luxury glamping hotels, we have rich experience in building tents.

1, Pumpkin Shape Tent House Specification

*Size: 6.5M diameter, 3.6M height, about 33 sqm.

*Material: The pumpkin shape glamping tent house is made of galvanized steel, top covered with tempered glass and wall covered PVC fabric.

*Capacity: The 6.5M pumpkin tent can hold 2-4 people with 1-2 beds and a bathroom.

*Accessory: Glass door, glass window, the exclusive design of insulation, curtain, floor system, etc...

*Wind and Snow load: Against wind load 100 KM/H and snow load 75 KG/SQM.

pumpkin shape tent house structure

2, Pumpkin Shape Tent House Material:

1,Frame Material: The main material of a glamping tent with a pumpkin shape is galvanized steel, it's shape raw material, easy to install, and strong enough to make sure the glamping tent is 100% safe outdoors.

The main raw material of galvanized steel was coated white to make the glamping tent pumpkin shape more beautiful and to make it until-corrosion, to extend the span life of the glamping tent.

2,Cover Material: The wall of glamping pumpkin tent house is covered with 850g/sqm PVC fabric which has a black-out layer in the middle of the fabric against sunlight and heat. And the fabric is 100% waterproof, fireproof.

3,Top Material: The top of pumpkin tent is covered with hollow tempered glass which can be waterproof, UV-resistant, sturdy for long-term use, and 360° unobstructed view of the panorama, allows you to see the stars and moon when night falls.

4,Porch: RAXTENT exclusive design of the pumpkin tent with porch, aesthetically pleasing while reducing direct contact with the outside world and enhancing privacy.

pumpkin tent glamping house hotel

3, Details

1,Pumpkin Glamping Tent Usage

The pumpkin shape glamping tent is suitable for luxury hotels and can be used for four seasons. The pumpkin tent has the advantage of thermal insulation, Windproof, waterproof and snowproof. the pumpkin glamping tent can be normally used, even in extremely cold and extremely hot desert areas.

2,Pumpkin Glamping Tent Interior

The pumpkin glamping tent is 6.5 in diameter and 33sqm, which is enough to hold a bed, sofa, TV, AC, a bathroom, etc, allowing tourists to live comfortably. Besides, the pumpkin glamping tent also has a balcony, which forms a good partition from the outside world and protects privacy.

3,Pumpkin Glamping Tent Skylight

The pumpkin glamping tent has a 360-degree glass skylight, which is made of tempered glass, providing tourists with unobstructed views of the starry sky and of natural light. Of course, when you want to rest, you can open the luxury curtain, the curtain is automatic. Pumpkin glamping tent will definitely bring a good experience for tourists.

Send an inquiry about the pumpkin shape tent house to know more design and price list and welcome coming to us for tent house samples.

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