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RAX TENT 20M Wooden Glass Dome House for Restaurant and Projection

RAX TENT 20M Wooden Glass Dome House for Restaurant and Projection

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Introducing RAX TENT case in the United States - the 20-meter Wood-Color Glass Dome House located in Bryce Canyon. Among our glass dome series, the 20-meter Wood-Color Glass Dome stands out as a true leader.

This 20-meter Wood-Color Glass Dome House boasts a diameter of 20m (65.62ft) and a height of 10m (32.81ft), offering a spacious interior spanning 314 sq m (3379.87 sq ft). It features a newly upgraded convex-edge aluminum alloy frame, covered with high-quality wood-grain panels and double-layered hollow tempered glass. Equipped with double-opening glass doors and windows, the dome house serves as a versatile and captivating addition to campsite restaurants, leisure cinemas projection, and various other applications.

The RAX TENT 20-Meter Wood-Color Glass Dome House undergoes rigorous structural calculations, ensuring that each frame dimension is within reasonable limits. This meticulous approach guarantees 100% safety while maintaining ease of assembly. Furthermore, this large-scale glass dome undergoes successful testing in our factory before export, ensuring that each step contributes to enhancing efficiency and achieving optimal performance for our clients.

Additionally, our product is protected by exclusive patents, providing our clients with peace of mind and safeguarding their usage rights.


RAX TENT 20M Wooden Color Glass Dome

Diameter: 20m/ 65.62 ft;

Height: 10m/ 32.81ft

Floor Area: 314 sq m/ 3379.87 sq ft

Windload: 120 km/h

Snowload: 0.5 kn/ sqm

Warranty: 3 years

Basic version 20m wooden color glass dome configuration:

  1. Frame: This 20M wooden color glass dome frame material is Aluminum Alloy 6061/T5, coated grey, anti-rust, high density, nice appearance. Of course, the frame color can be customized such as white, black, brown, golden, wooden, etc…
  2. Cover: 2/3 of the 20M glass dome house is covered with 18mm wooden color insulated panels, and 1/3 is covered with 5+9A+5mm hollow tempered glass. The Bryce Grand Canyon where the client is located is very cold in winter. This combination is very suitable for extremely cold places and has an excellent thermal insulation effect. Of course, there are many options for the cover such as single layer glass, glazed glass, triplex tempered glass, and LOW-E glass. And polycarbonate is available.
  3. Glass Door: The glass dome is set with three KFC double-open doors, and one wooden-color panel single-open door. The standard size of a double open door for the 20M glass dome tent is 2551mm in width *2254mm in height (8.37 ft * 7.40 ft), with aluminum door + tempered glass + door frame + Door Closer. We also have other styles of glass doors for optional.
  4. Glass Window: The 20m glass dome tent is set with 2 pcs electric glass windows, an aluminum frame with 19mm thickness hollow glass, and an exclusive customized escape window, with an aluminum frame + 19mm white color insulated panel. Of course, the installation location can be selected according to your own needs.
  5. All the assembly accessories: All glass dome tents are equipped with a full set of installation accessories, such as bolts, screws, anchoring feet, double-sided adhesive, textured paper, structural glue, glue gun, protection package, aluminum paper, etc.
  6. Reinforced packing: All of our glass dome houses come with exclusive custom protection steel rack packing for tempered glass and aluminum frames.
  7. Installation instructions and installation video: We provide detailed installation instructions and guidance. If you have any installation questions, please contact us at any time and we will answer you. If necessary, we also provide engineers to come to guide the construction.

Upgrade your glass dome with our high-quality accessories, and enhance Your Dome Experience.

  • Electric Glass Window
  • 270-degree or 360-degree double layers of curtains with tracks
  • Integrated bathroom
  • Exclusive Insulation Layer Solid rigid aluminum composite panel
  • Exclusive Insulation Layer 10mm thick reflective aluminum foil
  • Solar Energy Fan
  • Window Screen Mesh
  • Chimney Hole

In addition to the above-mentioned accessories, glass dome tents can also accommodate various customized requests, such as adding unique porch designs, connecting tunnels, larger viewing areas, or any other customizations you may have in mind. Please feel free to contact us, and we can assist you in designing your ideal glass dome tent.

Please note that customized requests may incur additional costs. Our team of experts is more than happy to assist you in designing and implementing the perfect glass dome tent to suit your needs and preferences.

Contact us and built your Domes!!!

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