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RAX TENT 5M Glass Igloo Aurora Dome in Finland Arctic Resort

RAX TENT 5M Glass Igloo Aurora Dome in Finland Arctic Resort

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Glass igloo is a romantic hotel room to enjoy the sky, the scenery, the nature and the view of the Northern lights. Nowadays Glass Igloos are incredibly popular in Finland, Norway, Sweden etc... New glass Igloo appear every year with glass cabins in many area.

1, Glass Igloo Specifications:
glass igloo
Size: 5M diameter, roof height is 3.2M, we raised up about 60cm at the bottom of the igloo.
2, Good Features of the Glass Igloo
Glass igloo 5M
Glass igloo in Finland
glass igloo for hotel
glass igloo for Aurora
Glass igloo is a romantic hotel room to enjoy the sky, the scenery, the nature and the view of the Northern lights. 

3, Material of the 5M glass igloo

*Frame: High strength steel frame for the glass igloo, it's stable and strong in the low temperature weather.

*Cover: Tempered glass for the igloo or heated tempered glass, perfect for people to enjoy the Aurora.

How to make it warm for the glass igloo in winter?

Glass igloo can be built from insulated thermal glass / or log cabin with glass celling and panoramic view.  Glass Igloos are electrically heated and keep warmth inside. Do not be afraid of Lapland extremely low temperatures during winter inside an igloo.

How to make the glass igloo privacy?

Glass Igloos also designed with privacy keeping in mind. Some of them equipped with curtains, other with “frozen glass” and all facing some open space to provide amazing views.

What's the accessories for the glass igloo?
Usually Igloo has a small WC, some also have shower. Luxury glass Igloos might have bathroom, kitchenette, and even private sauna.

 4, People Also Asking about Glass Igloo

1)What are the key features of the glass igloo?

The glass igloo is designed to provide a unique and immersive experience of nature while offering comfort and protection from the elements. Its main feature is the transparent dome-shaped structure, allowing guests to enjoy uninterrupted views of the surrounding landscape, including the sky and potential Northern Lights.

2)What are the dimensions available for the glass igloo?

Currently, the glass igloo is available in a single size option with a 5-meter diameter. This size offers ample space for accommodation while maintaining a cozy and intimate atmosphere within the igloo.

3)What materials are used in the construction of the glass igloo?

The glass igloo features a steel structure for durability and stability, with the exterior covered by either double or triple-layered glass panels. These high-quality materials ensure insulation, weather resistance, and protection against temperature fluctuations.

4)What are some notable applications of the glass igloo?

The glass igloo is primarily used as a unique accommodation option for travelers seeking immersive nature experiences, such as observing the Northern Lights or stargazing. Additionally, it can serve as a romantic getaway, a venue for special events like weddings or corporate retreats, or even as a temporary exhibition space for artists or photographers.

5)How are installations of the glass igloo carried out?

Installations of the glass igloo typically involve assembling the pre-fabricated components on-site. The modular design and lightweight materials facilitate easy transportation and assembly, often requiring minimal time and labor. Additionally, proper site preparation and foundation work may be necessary to ensure stability and structural integrity.

Send inquiry about the glass igloo to know more design and price list and welcome come us to view the whole production line.

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