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RAX TENT 7m Pyramid Shape Glass House for Glamping and Greenhouse

RAX TENT 7m Pyramid Shape Glass House for Glamping and Greenhouse

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We would like to show you our new design- the pyramid glamping house with aluminum frame structure and tempered glass. Do you like to upgrate your garden with such good product?
Well, this is the second time we have finished the test installation for the pyramid garden house tent, it's suitable used for glamping, 7M diamter and 4M height, inside can be decorated to bedroom and washing room etc... Or used for your greenhouse and tea house for your personal room. I think you really know how to arrange internal space once you have the pyramid garden tent. Right?
1, Pyramid Glass House Specifications
Pyramid glass house

Size: 7M Diameter/23ft, 49sqm / 527sq ft, 5.0M/16.4ft, Windload100km/h, Snowload 0.5Kn/sqm.

2, Metrial of the Pyramid Glass House

*Pyramid glass house structure:

Aluminum framework, patented industrial aluminum alloy profiles, T6061 T6/T5; High strength and corrosion resistance, commonly used as aerospace parts, automotive parts, bicycle frames, etc.

*Pyramid glass house cover:

Glass Color: Blue / Green / Black / Grey / Clear/ Wood / White / Sliver, etc. Standard Single layer glass 5mm. Hollow glass 5+9A+5mm. Laminated glass 5+0.75PVB +5mm. Triplex glass.

*Single-layer glass offers excellent safety, transparency and resistance to wind pressure.

*Double-glazed glass provides excellent insulation and thermal retention, superior soundproofing, and prevents fogging and condensation.

*Triple-glazed glass offers even higher thermal performance, exceptional sound insulation, and enhanced safety.

3, People Also Asking about pyramid glass house

  • What are the key features of the pyramid glass house?

The pyramid glass house is characterized by its unique pyramid-shaped design, offering panoramic views and a distinctive architectural aesthetic. Its main feature is the transparent glass walls and roof, providing ample natural light and a connection with the surrounding environment.

  • What are the available size options for the pyramid glass house?

Currently, the pyramid glass house is available in two size options: 6 meters (height is 4m) and 7 meters(height is 5m) in width. These sizes offer versatility in accommodation while maintaining the iconic pyramid shape and design.

  • What materials are used in the construction of the pyramid glass house?

The pyramid glass house features an aluminum alloy frame structure for durability and stability, with the exterior covered by either double or triple-layered glass panels. These high-quality materials ensure insulation, weather resistance, and protection against temperature fluctuations.

  • What are some notable applications of the pyramid glass house?

The pyramid glass house is versatile and can be used for various purposes, including residential homes, vacation retreats, garden studios, or even commercial venues such as cafes or exhibition spaces. Its unique design and transparent walls create a captivating indoor-outdoor living experience.

  • How are installations of the pyramid glass house carried out?

Installations of the pyramid glass house typically involve assembling the pre-fabricated components on-site. The modular design and lightweight materials facilitate easy transportation and assembly, often requiring minimal time and labor. Proper site preparation and foundation work may be necessary to ensure stability and structural integrity.

Send inquiry about the pyramid glass house to know more design and price list and welcome come us to view the whole production line.

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