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Two Peak Top Glamping Tent House With Galvanized Steel and Glass Wall

Two Peak Top Glamping Tent House With Galvanized Steel and Glass Wall

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RAXTENT has many kinds of different shapes of tent for glamping and hotel resort tent, the best sell product including the PVC fabric dome tent, the glass dome tent, the peak top membrane structure tent, and other customized hotel tent, the two peak top tent for luxury glamping hotel, we call this kind of tent PVDF membrane structure hotel tent, the skeleton treated with galvanized surface treatment, the cover material is PVDF roof fabric, 1200g, other accessories including glass door, galss window, glass wall,  top roof ceiling,solid wall,inside film and etc..It's just like a house, people can live in it permanently.

1, Specification of the glamping tent:

two peak tent house for glamping

*Size: 60 Sqm, one room and one hall, width 10M, the roof height is about 6m.

*Material: The main material of frame is hot-dip galvanized steel, covered with PVDF membrane fabric.

*Feature:High tensile strength and tear strength,100% waterproof, self-cleaned, cost-effective solutions for glamping tent and resort.

*Practicality: Lightweight membrane is a cost-effective solution that requires less structural steel to support the roof, enabling long spans of column-free space.

*Wind and Snow load: Windload 100KM/H and snowload is 75KG/SQM,and earthquake resistant.

*Accessory: Roof lining, floor system, furniture etc..

2, Material of the two peak tent house

The double peak top tent we used the same material with the one and three peak top tent, with hot-dip galvanized steel tube for frame and covered with double layer PVDF membrane fabric. The structure is stable and strong enough to against the heavy rain and snow, can be used in both cold zero area or hot desert area, we have successful cases, it tests very well.

We made the cover of the luxury glamping tent with double layer 1200g/sqm PVDF membrane, the roof cover should be tightened at the top and bottom to make it smooth and elegantly.
The roof PVDF fabric cover can be customized white, beige, yellow according to customers' requirement.

The peak top tent for glamping hotel, we also can provide the basic decoration for the inside of the tent. The inside roof ceiling for more beauty appearance, the solid wall, AC, the hollow tempered glass window and the double layer curtain, all things we can do is to help customer can run the resort quickly when the glaming tent was set up.

glamping tent house

3,People Also Asking About the Two Peak Top Glamping Tent?

1)What are the main features of the Two Peak Top Glamping Tent?

Two peak top design for spacious interiors and enhanced structural stability

Double layer PVDF membrane fabric for superior weather resistance and UV protection.

High-quality galvanized steel tube framework for strength and longevity.

Optional amenities such as flooring, furnishings, and climate control systems for a luxurious camping experience.

2)What advantages does the double layer PVDF membrane fabric offer in the Two Peak Top Glamping Tent?

The double layer PVDF membrane fabric provides several benefits, including:

Excellent weather resistance, protecting against rain, wind, and harsh sunlight

UV protection, reducing sun exposure and heat buildup inside the tent

Enhanced durability, ensuring long-lasting performance in outdoor environments

Aesthetic appeal, with a sleek and modern appearance that complements any landscape

3)What thermal insulation features does the Two Peak Top Glamping Tent offer?

The thermal insulation of the Two Peak Tent House features a 12mm thickness, providing efficient temperature regulation to ensure comfort for occupants in various weather conditions. This insulation helps to maintain interior warmth during colder seasons and keeps the interior cool in hot weather, enhancing the overall comfort of the glamping experience.

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